Large painful bump on back of neck... HIV?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DMBrox, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. DMBrox

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    I'm a little worried becuase I woke up with this on Monday morning. It's large, like a dime and painful. I have looked it up on this site (nothing) and on the internet. I found some stuff about carbuncles and boils which sounds like what I have.
    However, (this is where I get scared) it seem whenever I look up any of my fibro related symptoms on the internet it pulls up a bunch of HIV/Aids related symptoms sites. It freaks me out that I might have HIV instead of fibro. I have tested negative. Is it just me or do these diseases have a lot of the same symptoms?
    Also, if anyone else gets boils or carbuncles let me know how you treat it . Thanks.
  2. Hippen

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    This diagnosis has some of the same symptoms as HIV. With Chronic Fatigue Immune deficiency syndrome, we have a faulty immune system for whatever reason...which causes us to be more prone to infections. If you have tested negative for HIV, I would not worry about it. When I first started getting sick, I thought for sure that I had HIV or lupus or something like that...I was so terrified but relieved when the tests all came back negative. Feeling as sick as we do....we think in our minds that there must be something "fatally" wrong with us. The symptoms of this diagnosis are real and can be very frightening. Relax and boost your immune system the best way that you can find. Love Hippen
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    I think it's important for you to have this spot looked at by a doc in order to get a Dx and to receive treatment. I used to be a case manager at an AIDS service organization and I lost a family member to AIDS. Many of the general symptoms of FM/CFIDS are similar to those of HIV. There are also some skin lesions that are symptoms of skin cancer (KS) found in individuals with AIDS. What I have seen from my work and family experience is that these lesions are not usually painful or bothersome. The just are just not really pretty. If being HIV positive really worries you - get tested again. If only for the peace of mind. But, in the meantime let your doc take a look at the spot.

    Best of Luck!
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    I had a bump on my neck right under my ear. Doctor said it was a sebaceous cyst - no problem. See your doctor and get a proper diagnosis.

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    It isn't the HIV virus which usually makes AIDS patients feel so lousy; it's usually the HHV-6 virus, a Herpes-family virus which is common to both those with AIDS and people with our illnesses.

    It is easy to get scared when one reads about the similarities between our illnesses, but unless you have engaged in risky activities, had a blood transfusion, or been exposed to bodily fluids from an AIDS patient, the odds are very low that you have it, especially since you have tested neg. for it. The AIDS virus only lives about 7 seconds outside the body, so it is almost impossible to aquire it through casual contact. Hepatitis is a far greater danger than AIDS and you should be tested for that too, if you haven't already.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was diganosed in 1993 with FM and MFP. I was selling Real Estate at the time, going 3/4 steam anyway. My teenage son came in and had a bump like you are describing on his upper back, almost on the top of his shoulder.He said that it was very sore. It kept getting worse and I sent him to the doctor and they lanced it and put him on an antibiotic and he was fine. When I went in to work I was talking to the secretary, mentioned my son, and she had just had the same thing and had been to the doctor and they opened it and put her on an antibiotic. She told me of another agent who had just had the same thing.Everyone was told that it can from a sweat gland that had gotten clogged and then infected. The next week I got one under my right arm. It was one of the most painful things I have ever had. I went to the doctor, was told that it was a clogged sweat gland, had it opened and a drain put in. After about 2 weeks on an antibiotic, I was fine. All of up had never had one before and nave never had another. All were in a different place. Yours sounds like my sons. I felt it very strange that we all had this in a period on a month.(go figure)But, the best news, it wasn't HIV. Since diagnosed I have had three cyst removed, all benign. Sounds like your is a carbuncle, but with any knot, I go to the doctor. Don't take chances and that will be one thing off your worry list. FM is bad enough without something else, have another HIV test to ease your mind.Sorry this is so long, but I thought you might feel better to know that you definitely weren't the only one.None of the other 3 people have FM.