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  1. cindye

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    Does anyone else have an extra large tongue? My daughter does and this also causes her sleep apnea. They suggested surgery but with all the problems she already has, did not want to put her through that. She has a CPAP but is having a difficult time adjusting to it.

  2. Cromwell

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    Oh it causes all sorts of problems, he just had to have a partial as he has pushed all his teeth out with that tongue. Now the tongue is pushing against the partial so he cannot stand it.

    I ended up cracking up laughing today when we were shopping as he was whistling every time he was talking, with darn partial and his tongue, I laughed so hard I had to run to bathroom.

    He also has tardive Dyskenesia(tongue movements) due to meds, which makes it worse. I really sympathize.

    I know Down Synrome children often have large tongues, maybe you could get advice from the association.

    Good Luck,

    Anne C
  3. Cycie

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    Hi Dorothy

    i have a large tongue too and when I have to have surgery I have trouble being intubated.
    My friends rib me about it and say I always had a big mouth.
    Somtimes I am really aware of it and my tongue feels really uncomfortable in my mouth and other times it doesn't bother me at all.
    I hadn't heard there was surgery for this, what would they actually do???????

    When I saw your message I thought OMG there really are other people with this problem.

    Isn't this just the best board

    Take care