Laryngitis for Several months??

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    I have had an on-going prooooblem since Jan.-Started with 2 bouts of brochitis,then into spring with allergies,bronchial asthma-larygitis has been with me since Jan. I have seen a Dr.-dealing with voice-larencology He said there was a build up on phlegm around my vocal cords. I am on guai again. Also saw a speech Pathologist on how to relax cords. I am very dry most of the time and need to drink a lot. Beginning to get some songs out-not as good as I used to,but it's there. I am on advair-was beginning to wonder if that could be drying me out more. I rinse after using it. Could i have S'jorgren's disease? Any thoughts on this?? I see the dr in another week or so-the one that was the Opera singer dealing with larencology. Verry tired after trying to vocalize. Thanks so much!!