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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mylilcherub428, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    I have pretty much no voice and am assuming this is what it is. There could be a bunch of reasons I have been having gerd for 2 days I also started babysitting this week and have had to raise my voice quite a bit to get these 2 kids (mine and one I'm watching) to listen and also just raising my voice to speak over them so they can hear me

    We are movin right now so I have been bustin my butt and am pretty sore. Even though I am beyond excited to move it is a stressfull event we talked aboout this when I was in therapy it is called a major life stressor along with death marraige childbirth

    Also 2 days ago I was around someone with laryngitis but she said she gets it often so I doubt it was viral But 2 days seems quick for a virus to take full effect.

    I know it can be caused by a virus I have no fever or anything I feel crappy but I figure it is from all the work I have been doing

    Soo since ther could be soo many causes not sure if I should call my docs it is sat but they have an office 45 mins from me open on weekends but..that sounds like a tiring drive

    there is also the hospital but I'm thinking just doing self treatment little talking tea with honey etc..I have also started taking my gerd med which I don't use anymore but is prilosec takes a few days

    just lookin for some advice and ideas to help

    I love to talk so this is hard not to talk but am trying

    thanx soo much-Kim

    P.s. I'll just have to "talk" here since that doess not strain my voice-Kim

    HURTIN New Member

    Hi MyLilCherub! How are you making out? Hopefully you've gone to see a doctor by now; being that you started this thread 2 days ago. lol In the event that you're still procrastinating (smile) you might want to try some lozenges to keep your throat from being dry and drink lots of water. In the meantime aside from resting your voice (which includes whispering) you can try gargling with an over the counter solution. Whispering--->Good luck.
  3. bevcat

    bevcat New Member

    I am a SLP who is currently on disability due to severe laryngitis caused by GERD. Any of the factors that you described in your post could cause laryngitis. If you have GERD, you definitely need to continue your medication because acid reflux can cause damage to your esphogaus.

    When you have laryngitis, you should drink lots of water and rest your voice as much as possible. Believe it or not, whispering is not good for a hoarse voice. It can be as damaging to your voice as talking normally. So, try to reduce your talking by 50% and never raise your voice above a normal tone.

    If these strategies don't help after 5-7 days, I would go to the doctor. Of course, if you run a fever or experience pain upon swallowing, make an appointment immediatley.

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