Laser acupuncture - great for dissolving tight tendons/lumps

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    Hi there

    Thought I would like to share the main thing that's helped me become more mobile/flexible. My main problem is tightening of muscles and tendons. Was getting really desperate as more and more muscles were shutting down. Stretching/exercise wasn't doing much.

    My GP tried laser acupuncture on me about 6 weeks ago and it has been the only thing that started to undo the tightness. I get it once a week and am noticing that I'm definitely feeling less stuck. There's still lots of fibrous areas all over my back and in my right hip/thigh (I had a bad spasm that made my right hip really lumpy and pulls on my right spinal muscles). The secret is to not overdo it ,as too much can jam the muscles up.

    I usually get her to do the psoas insertion point in the hip crease and several points in my back. I'm so relieved to have found something that has halted my progressive immobility, and is giving me more flexibility.

    It is completely painless. I tried conventional acupuncture (needles) for 15 weeks with only temporary relief (lasted a few hours only).

    Please try this if you suffer from muscle lumps and/or tight tendons/muscles/fascia.