lasik surgery has ruined my life.......sorta...

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  1. sami

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    i had lasik done in sept of '04...i have worn glasses since the 4th grade and was super excited to have it done...well i have done nothing but suffer in excrutiating pain, worse than my fibro, in my left eye..i have been back to my docs place( a huge clinic, but with an excellent reputation) on the average 3 times a week since then..within 4 hours of surgery the lens moved on the left eye..i have been to california to nj all over...seen over 15 different specialist and to no avail...the dryness in my eyes is intolerable..i have been told to leave az because it is too dry here!! hell, i live here!!it is a huge mess, and might be a huge medical malpractice case...they put plugs in my eyes, that irritated them more, and upon removal broke one off in my tear duct!!!
    so now i have half a plug that itches like would be major surgery to remove..the lawyers now have to decider if there is enough money in it for them...since med. mal.has caps now(thank you mr. bush!!) right now all my records are in san fransico sitting in a dr.'s office for vision is hazy, like looking thru a piece of tissue paper..and i can'e sit thru a movie or such because they are so dry...have been on every eyedrop known to woman!!!i even got these $400 goggles that bikers wear to keep the moisture in...forget what i look like!!!
    they have covered all these expenses and to me that says guilty, oops sorry we messed up.....i begged them pre surgery to make sure they went thru all my meds and checked out fibro thouroughly as to any problems and was assured i would be fine...'dryness is expected but will corret itself and get better with time'..yeah right...not for do all over again..NO WAY...not with fibromyalgia..........the malpractice is that they took me as a patient at all..the greediness of some peolple is amazing!!!!!!!!
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    You said "within 4 hours of surgery the lens moved on the left eye.." So, I take that to mean that you didn't have Lasik, but that you had the eye surgery where they permanently implant a corrective lens on the eye? Is that correct?

    Lasik is where they actually reshape part of the eye in order to correct, but there is no lens placed on the eye. So, I think you may have had another type of procedure. The new blade-free Lasik is actually very successful and painless. I'm considering it myself as I am nearly blind (-10 and -11) and getting contacts can be tough.

    I just wanted to see what type of procedure you had and I'm sorry you had bad complications.
  3. sami

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    for sure...they made a hinge i guess you could say, and like a softb contact lens it moved even though i was sleeping and wearing protective was intralase lasik...i guess i meant to say the flap not the lense sorry....
  4. renae1979

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    Oh, that's horrible that the flap moved!! Yikes!
  5. PVLady

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    What a nightmare!!!! I was thinking of Lasik but don't know what I would do If there was a complication.

    I am sure you are not the only one who has had it go wrong. Too bad you cannot connect with others who have had a problem.

    Why don't you try an internet search to try and locate others who had a similar experience. Somehow it might help to find a doctor to help you.

    I will also try a search...
  6. KerryK

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    Sorry to hear about your problems. Still, why do you think your fibro has anything to do with the eye problems you now suffer? It would be a shame that doctors would start turning away FMS patients for treatments for other maladies just because of the FM. Unfortunately, every surgery is risky, and problems can occur without negligence. Maybe the doctors are greedy, much like most people. I am sure they are just trying to earn a living, like most people.

    Anyway, I wish you well and hope you can recover as much as possible.
  7. hunterwillow

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    I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to your eyes. Vision is really so precious. I had posted a thread asking about lasik. I'm scheduled for my "extensive" exam for Wed morn to see if I would be a good candidate. I am nervous, and I guess rightly so.

    I checked with the BBB to see if the doctor I'm going to has had any complaints. They haven't in the last 24 months. Of course that doesn't mean that they won't.

    I'm going to keep my appointment for the screening to see what they say. I want to make an informed decision, though. I'm glad that I seen your post.

    It isn't fair that they messed up your eyes. What went wrong first? Did they falsly tell you that you would be a good candidate? I've read a lot about problems happening because the person was told they were a good candidate, when in fact, their corneas were too thin, or their pupils too big, or they had dry eyes, that would make lasik a poor decision. Was it human error on your doctor's part during the actual procedure?

    I basically want to know what to look for when I go for my screening. Any reply would be appreciated.

    Again, I'm so sorry that you had to go through all this!

  8. lbok

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    Just because they CAN do these surgeries doesn't mean they OUGHT to do them for some patients. Even if someone is eager to have the eye surgery, if they are not a good candidate a doctor is responsible to tell them so. He can't come back with you shouldn't have had the surgery because you have FM or anything like that.

    My husband was seriously affected during an "oops" when he was having surgery for his sleep apnea. He ended up in intensive care on a ventilator. A few days after the surgery the hospital called to tell me to come down there in the middle of the night because he was getting so critical. It was one error that snowballed. After my husband thankfully made a full recovery several attorneys told him he would not get anything despite the surgeon's mistakes. He would have to prove the surgeon came into the operating room with intent to do harm. It is sad the way there is little to no recourse for patients and most people don't know that their rights have been given away by politicians.

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  9. sami

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    i had dry eyes going in, many fm's do...and my corneas were;just thick enuf; meaning on the edge...yet they did me anyway..and i will be chasing down help the rest of my life due to this...and the pain has been one can figure out why..i think with fibro pts there is a lot they can not figure out. i would never do another elective surgury even if it were for free...something we all should be aware of..i still wear glasses only now i have 4 different pairs!!!!!!!!so not fun.......