Lasik Surgery Questions

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    I am trying to gather as much information as possible before I start talking to my doctor about Lasik surgery. Does anyone have any information? Horror stories? Warnings?

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    I had lasik surgery in Florida back in 2000 and it was terrific. Some people that had absolutely the worst vision, like me, had fantastic vision afterwards.

    VERY IMPORTANT--if you get lasix done, get copies of your topography (mapping of the eyes) and measurements that are done prior to the lasix surgery. This is needed because should you reach a point where you get cataracts (and many of us get cataracts and I have them now due to medication and lasix does not cause cataracts), the cataract eye surgeon needs this information from the lasik surgery to calculate to try to give you the best vision possible. Some of the regular opthamalogists might tell you the info isn't needed for cataract surgery (and I was told that), but that is so not true and that info is vital. So you get copies and keep it in a safe place for the future. I wish all lasix surgeons would tell this to patients, but they do not.

    The lasix surgery place I went to, I found it because all the people at the place I worked had gotten theirs at this one place and they were all satisified. So I went there. They were thorough, did a great job and I was very pleased. Check out the Better Business Bureau info on the place you go to to see what info they have. Also, check out the doctor doing the surgery on your state doctors site that contains info about any malpractice lawsuits against the doctors, any actions by the Board that oversees doctors, etc. And the cheapest place and the most expensive place aren't always the best places to go. Find friends or co-workers who had it done and get a good place to do it.

    My one co-worker had it done with one eye for long distance vision and the other eye for close vision reading. She decided she didn't like the two different eyes and had the eye that was for close vision reading changed to long distance.