****LAST DAY for Invest in ME May 2008 Conference DVD Special****

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    From Invest in ME:

    Dear Friends,

    Following the successful International ME/CFS
    conference in London last week we would just like to
    remind everyone that the May offers for our
    conference DVDs are coming to an end this weekend.

    The DVD of the International ME/CFS Conference
    2008 is currently on offer for £10 plus £1 p&p (UK),
    plus £2 p&p (Europe) and plus £3 p&p
    (USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand). This offer
    expires on 31st May 2008.

    Invest in ME are also offering the following
    educational aids to provide a better understanding
    regarding ME for £15 until the end of May - One
    conference DVD (choose either 2007 or 2006) plus
    our Quotable Quotes on ME Booklet plus the
    Canadian Guidelines - all for £15 (includes p&p).

    Energising ME Awareness - The DVD of the
    International ME/CFS Conference 2007 - Clinical
    Diagnosis, Research Trends and Educational
    Support contains lectures from the CPD-accredited
    conference of May 2007 in London, England with
    presentations from Dr. Marty Pall, Dr Jonathan Kerr,
    Dr Byron Hyde, Dr Vance Spence, Dr Kenny De
    Meirleir, Dr Sarah Myhill, Mrs Annette Whittemore
    from the WPI, Dr Dan Peterson, Dr Nigel Speight, Dr
    Derek Pheby, Professor Malcolm Hooper, Dr Abhijit
    Chaldhuri, Ellen Piro from Norway's ME Association,
    Dr Ian Gibson MP and Mr Norman Lamb MP. The
    4-disc contains all the presentations from the
    conference as well as interviews with Dr Byron Hyde,
    Dr Dan Peterson, Annette Whittemore, Ellen Piro and
    Ian Gibson MP and are still very valid today.

    The ME Conference 2006 - An Update on Clinical
    Diagnosis, Research Trends and Educational
    Support contains lectures from the
    CPD-accredited conference of May 2006 in London,
    England, with presentations from Dr Jonathan Kerr,
    Dr Basant Puri, Professor Malcolm Hooper, Dr Byron
    Hyde and Jane Colby. The 4 disc DVD set also
    contains reports of severe ME from ITV Meridian and
    Norway's Puls programme. ME as it rarely gets told,
    or shown. The cruelty of the illness is clearly
    conveyed by these programmes

    The Quotable Quotes About ME/CFS Booklet -
    compiled by Margaret Williams this is an invaluable
    reference guide to the quotations by certain
    prominent figures on the subject of ME/CFS.

    The Canadian Consensus Guidelines document -
    Invest in ME are the UK distributors for this
    important document.

    Invest in ME are offering these as a pack - 1 DVD
    plus QQ plus Canadian Guidelines for £15 (includes
    postage and packing).

    To take advantage of these offers please or, for any
    further information, contact Invest in ME at

    We would also like to note that conference pictures
    are now available for the 2008 conference on our
    review page at:

    Best Wishes to all,

    Invest in ME Charity Nr. 1114035

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    I'm home bound. I could send a check, But it would be in dollars US. Can I do that? If so how much do I make the check out for. I could also pay by credit card, but I don't see any prevision for this on the site.
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    Dunno, 28years. I would contact them at the above address and ask. I'm sure they're used to getting orders from abroad.
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