Last leg of my applying for disability

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    I very anxious to hear what somone might think my chances of getting disability when I went to the social security
    dr. of pschology.He already knew that I had been seeing my pschyatrists for the last five years on some events thathappened in my childhood to my adolescent life.He said
    I had Post Traumatic stress disorder plus some thing along the same lines of that plus he could see the physical pain I had in my eyes plus he said I was doing well with my pain management who was my pschyatrist.He said that my dr.(pshy)
    had been doing a great job and I told him that I was not there for free hand out but I had worked 30 years & over and I couldn't take the pain any more.I even had a letter
    from my previous employer who I worked for 4 years had to let me go because of my work performance going down hill and it was the best for the co and my self that I didn't work there any more.The pschologist told me he knew I would rather be working but do to the all 3 of the diagnosis which included fibromyalgia that I shouldn't feel bad having to have help fininancialy from ssi.He was a very kind & understanding dr.but the last statement he said made me feel good about getting it.This was the last phase of it
    and I also went in with all the documentation but he didn't need to see it,so am I building my hopes to high.He said he would I would know with in two weeks.What happens from there if I get and how long will it be before I start receiving payments and do I receive a lump some from back of 97 when all this started with panic attacks.I hope someone could give some imput on this asap.I felt very positive when I cam out of there because he was easy to talk to and told me what he was telling the social security people about his findings .
    Thankyou for everyones support.This web site has been very
    helpful with my disease and I thank God that there is this web site because it has made a positive difference in my life and attitude towards my disease and I will continue to support it.
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    I am so glad that your appointment went so well for you. I hope that you get a positive outcome from this.

    To answer your question about back pay...have you been unemployed since 1997 because of your illness? I was approved for SSD in 2000. I had to quit my job in the middle of 1998 because of my health problems. I started my application process May of 2000. The first thing that my case worker asked me was had I been unemployed for at least a year. I was told that in order to get the back pay I had to have not been able to work for a year or more. That was no problem because I had been out of work for a year and a half. I was approved in December of 2000 (6 months) and received my back pay within 2 weeks of the approval letter from the Social Security Office. They paid me from the last day that I worked in 1998 and brought it current to the date of the check. I was told by the SS office that you only get back pay for the previous 2 years of not being able to work. I don't know if that is the same in every state or not though. I live in Floida. It may be different from state to state.

    Good luck. I hope things work out for you.