Last Name Game VOL. 2

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    Hi y'all---

    Ready, set, go!!!!!!!

    We'll start with the G's, and any leftover F's. How's that sound?

    If I'm incorrect, I'll edit my post. :)

    Hugs, Diane
  2. gb66

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    Danny Glover Actor

    Alec Guiness Actor

    Mitzi Gaynor Actress/Dancer

    Bill Gates Business Magnate/Inventor/Rich Man

    Frank Gifford Football Player/Sports Commentator

    John Glenn Astronaut/Senator
  3. rockgor

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    Well, Gee Whiz! Time for the G's. I guess it would be appropriate to start with

    Kenny G, nee Kenneth Gorelick. Wikipedia says he is the biggest selling
    instrument player of modern times. He plays several saxophones; soprano,
    alto, etc. It is my understanding if you can play one, you can play them all.

    Peggy Ann Garner, child movie star. Won a juvenile Oscar for A Tree Grows in

    Ernest Gold, film composer from Austria. Most famous for his Oscar winning score
    for Exodus. Married to Marnie Nixon, soprano who dubbed the singing for Deborah
    Kerr, Audrey Hepburn and Natalie Wood.

    Sam Goldwyn (earlier it was Goldfish). Movie producer. That's Goldwyn's name
    in the middle of Metro Goldwyn Meyer even though he never worked at MGM.
    MGM was a merger of 3 former studios. Sam produced lots of pictures under
    his own name.

    Giuseppe Garibaldi, General and uniter of Italy. In the early 19th century Italy was
    made up of numerous tiny kingdoms and territories controlled by other countries.
    Garibaldi brought them together despite battles with France and Austria and
    the opposition of the Catholic Church.

    Gale Gordon, character actor who was in many radio and TV shows. Played
    Mr Mooney on one of Lucy's shows. I also read he was an oil painter, but
    couldn't find any examples of his work.

    Was reading a bio of film pioneer Jesse Lasky today. He started out in vaudeville
    playing the coronet and became a founder of Paramount Pictures. One of the
    acts he once hired included a ten year old boy who walked on really tall stilts
    and bore the somewhat unlikely name of Archibald Leach. Eventually the
    young lad grew up and morphed into Cary Grant.

    Tito Gobbi, Italian opera baritone. Made scads of recordings despite having
    a rather dry, raspy voice. Some things in this life just don't make a lotta sense.

    James Garfield, U.S. President. Served only 7 months. Was assassinated in 1881.

    Gordon just walked by. He contributed Zsa Zsa Gabor. An appropriate name
    for the last on the list. Married 9 times. Zsa Zsa (or possibly her publicity agent)
    said: Darling, I am a great housekeeper. Whenever I get a divorce I always keep
    the house.

  4. gb66

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    Which reminds me of Eva Gabor, Zsa Zsa's sister, who was on Green Acres. There was one more sis, Magda. Which then reminds me of Ava Gardner. And let's not forget another Garibaldi, Leo, a wrestler of the '50's. GB
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    GB, I don't remember Leo Garibaldi, but I do remember that TV in the 50s had a
    lot of wrestling shows. The guys I remember are Verne Gagne, a world champ
    from Minnesota (died earlier this year) and Gorgeous George. George was the
    Liberace of the wrestling world. Frequently appeared in flamboyant costumes
    and wigs.

    Diane, are you up to posting? I'm going to get the aitches started, OK?

    "Light Horse Harry." Officer in the American army during the Revolutionary War.
    Later Governor of Virginia. Father of Robert E. Lee.

    Miriam Hopkins, actress. She and Bette Davis were rivals both on and off the
    silver screen. Their movie Old Acquaintance is a hoot.

    Jerome Hines, American Opera Bass. Sang at the Met for over 40 years. Gordon
    and I saw him with the Long Beach Opera in the1980s. He was in his 60s; still in
    good voice.

    Rubherford B Hayes, our 19th President. A general during the Civil War.
    Sustained multiple wounds in combat.

    Henry Hudson, English explorer. The Hudson River and Hudson Bay are named
    after him.

    H. L. Hunley, designer of the Confederate submarine that bore his name. It was the
    first sub to sink a warship. Hunley died aboard his ship. The ship sank during
    the war and was rediscovered and raised 160 some years later.

    Heloise, the household hints lady. She took over the column from her mother,
    also named Heloise.

    Sonja Henie, Norwegian skater. A world champ and 3 time Olympic gold medalist.
    Made several films. Her Olympic win at Lake Placid was in 1932. Gordon and
    I were there...half a century later. The temp was 30 degrees and it was still

    Evan Hunter, author of Blackboard Jungle, Strangers When We Meet and other
    novels. Wrote many cop thrillers under the name of Ed McBain.

  6. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi, Rock!

    I found some energy to post. :) So here goes...............

    Gene Hackman, actor

    Kate Hudson (daughter of Goldie Hawn), actress

    Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing fame/Dallas; also I Dream of Jeannie), actor

    Lester Holt, news anchor

    Bob Hope, entertainer

    Mariska Hargitay, actress

    Valerie Harper, actress (Rhoda/Mary Tyler Moore show)

    David Hasselhoff, actor/singer (Knight Rider/Baywatch)

    Arianna Huffington, journalist/columnist

    Audrey Hepburn, actress

    Katharine Hepburn, actress

    George Harrison, musician/songwriter (BEATLES)


    OK, that's my contribution, for now.

    Who's next???? :p

    Diane :)
  7. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Diane, did you post any G's?

    Tammy Grimes Actress

    Don Garlits Race Car Driver

    James Garner Actor

    Jennifer Garner Actress

    John Goodman Actor

    Joel Grey Actor/Dancer

    Jennifer Grey Actress

    Arthur Godfrey Broadcaster/Entertainer

    Nancy Grace Prosecutor/Legal Analyst

    Billy Graham Preacher/Evangelist

    Gloria Grahame Actress

    Steve Gutenberg Actor

    Johannes Gutenberg Printer

    Jackie Gleason Actor

    Estelle Getty Actress

    J. Paul Getty Industrialist

    Al Gore V.P.
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  8. gb66

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    Monty Hall Game Show Host

    Arsenio Hall Comedian/Talk Show Host

    Dick Haymes Actor/Singer

    Tab Hunter Actor

    Anita Hill Attorney/Professor

    Florence Henderson Actress/Singer

    Rex Harrison Actor

    Phil Harris Actor/Singer

    Ron Howard Actor/Director

    Rance Howard Actor

    Oliver Wendell Holmes Supreme Court Justice

    Anthony Hopkins Actor

    Edwin Hubble Astronomer

    Horace Heidt Bandleader
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, I'm posting some I's for you guys to eye.

    Laura Ingalls who married Almanzo Wilder. Reminds me of my grandfather,
    the one who was born when Lincoln was President. His first name was
    Alonzo. Both Laura and Almanzo were alive when I was a kid.

    The Isley Brothers, originally a quartet; later a trio. Performed in many
    genres: rock, doo-wop, soul, gospel, etc.

    Harold Ickes, Secretary of the Interior under FDR. Both FDR and Ickes
    were characters in the musical Annie. Ickes sang Tomorrow with Daddy
    Warbucks and Annie.

    Julio Inglesia, Spanish crooner. Big hits with Starry Night and All the Girls
    I've Loved Before.

    Henrik Ibsen, Norwegian playwright. Wrote A Doll's House and Peer Gynt.

    Marty Ingels, actor and agent. Married to Shirley Jones. Died this year
    at age 79.

    Jill Ireland, English actress. In lots of movies and TV shows. Was married to
    Charles Bronson.

    Allen Iverson, pro athlete. A whiz on the basketball court. Could have used
    more coaching off the court though.

    Thomas Ince, movie pioneer. Partner of D. W. Griffith and Mack Sennett.
    Died mysteriously on the yacht of William Randolph Hearst.

    Lee Iacocca, "father of the Mustang" for Ford and CEO of Chrysler. He headed
    the committee to raise funds to restore the Statue of Liberty for it's centennial
    in the 1980s.

    GB, I saw Florence Henderson in a concert back in the 60s. The
    conductor was Skitch Henderson (no relation).

    Diane, I saw Katherine Hepburn in the movie from the 30s
    on TCM yesterday. Mary of Scotland. Didn't watch much. The
    script didn't come up to snuff. Kate looked great though. I
    saw her live in the 7os in the musical Coco. The real Coco
    Channel thought Kate was too old (at 62), but the audiences didn't
    care. They didn't even mind the fact that Kate couldn't sing.

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  10. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member


    Don Imus Radio Talk Show Host

    Enrique Iglesias Singer/Songwriter

    Eugene Istomin American Pianist

    Amy Irving Actress

    Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter

    Bindi Irwin Actress, Daughter of Steve

    Vincent Irizarry Actor

    Lance Ito Judge

    Judith Ivey Actress

    Eric Idle Singer

    Kathy Ireland Model/Actress

    Burl Ives Folksinger
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  11. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member


    Kate Jackson Actress

    Victoria Jackson Regular on SNL

    Michael Jackson Singer

    Reggie Jackson Baseball Right Fielder

    Mahalia Jackson Gospel Singer

    Andrew Jackson President

    Peter Jennings Newscaster

    David Janssen Actor

    Andrew Johnson President

    Van Johnson Actor

    Anne Jeffreys Actress

    Janis Joplin Songwriter/Singer
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thomas Jefferson. This is the epitaph that our third President ordered for his


    Jeremiah Johnson, Union soldier, lawman in Montana, trapper and
    mountain man. Portrayed in the 70's film starring Robert Redford.

    Anne Jeffreys, singer, actor. Married to actor Rod Sterling. They starred in
    TV's Topper. Oops! GB already got Anne. Well, further info. I used to
    have a record of her singing music by Kurt Weill (Three Penny Opera).
    She was still around to appear on Falcon Crest in the 80s,)

    Claude Jarman Jr, the boy in The Yearling (1946). Still alive at 81. Won
    a juvenile Academy Award. Made a dozen films. Became a producer.

    The James Boys, Frank and Jesse.

    And the Jones folks:

    Terry, Casey, James Earl, John Paul, Davy, Shirley, Jennifer,
    Tom and a host of others.


  13. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Good ones Rock! I was thinking of Henry Jones as well.

    Derek Jeter Baseball Shortstop

    Ann Jillian Actress

    Lyndon B. Johnson President

    Kevin, Nicholas, and Joe Jonas The Jonas Brothers Pop-Rock Bank

    Billy Joel Singer/Musician

    Hugh Jackman Actor/Singer
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, moving on to the K's.

    Zoltan Kodaly, Hungarian composer. He and fellow composer Bela Bartok
    spent a lot of time roaming around central Europe collecting folks tunes
    until WWI put an end to that. Kodaly died the year I moved to California.
    (I used to find it helpful in remembering dates to connect them to my life,
    Now I forget pretty much everything anyway.)

    Felix Knight, tenor. Was in some films including one with Laurel and
    Hardy. Sang some opera. Used to have a record of his; nice voice.

    Gladys Knight (and the pips). Or was it "and Dawn"? Anyhoo, no
    relation to Felix.

    Val Kilmer, actor. Played Doc Holliday in "Tombstone". One of the
    partners in our law firm said he thought Tombstone was the greatest
    movie ever made. He would like to have been a cowboy. I said
    "You would have hated it. What you want to be is a movie cowboy."
    He laughed and agreed.

    Nikita Krushchev, Russian dictator during the cold war.

    Durward Kirby, TV host and announcer: Gary Moore show, Match Game,
    Candid Camera, etc.

    Andre Kostelanetz, Conductor of both symphonic and easy listening music.
    Born in Russia, moved to the USA, married French soprano Lily Pons who
    was very popular at the Met during the 30s and 40s.

    Walt Kelly, cartoonist, famous for his Pogo strip.

    Jan Karon, bestselling author of the Mitford books; also writes for children.

    Calvin Klein, designer and seller of overpriced clothes and lots of other stuff
    like perfume and sunglasses.

    Alan King, entertainer: comic, actor and author.

    Ben Kingsley, actor, won an Oscar for being the skinniest actor in 1982.
    Actually it was very appropriate as Ben's original name was reportedly
    Krishna Bhanji. His father was of Indian descent.

  15. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    You came up with some doozies there Rock! :) Interesting people. I remember Durward Kirby. He had a deep voice and was very tall?

    Kevin Kline Actor

    Donna Karan Designer

    Henry Kissenger Secretary of State

    Brian Keith Actor

    Alicia Keys Singer/Songwriter

    Deborah Kerr Actress

    Gene Kelly Dancer/Actor

    Ilene Kristen Actress

    Emmett Kelly Clown

    Dorothy Kilgallen Game Show Panelist

    Dorothy Kirsten Opera Singer

    Henry Knox First U.S. Secretary of War
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  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi GB,
    Yup, Durwood (or Durward) was tall. Six feet-four which is the height of Abe
    Lincoln or my Uncle Rod. 'Course most guys looked kinda tall around Gary
    Moore who was 9 inches shorter.

    I note Henry Knox was Secretary of War. It wasn't until the late 40s that the
    title was changed to Secretary of Defense.

    Moving on to the L's, Robert Lincoln was once secretary of War. He was the only
    one of President Lincoln's 4 sons to reach adulthood. He became an attorney,
    Ambassador to England, and President of the George Pullman Company which manufactured the sleeping cars for trains. Robert lived until the 1920s.
    Died when my Dad was 17.

    Lang, Lang. Looks like the name of a great panda, but actually is a concert pianist
    from Manchuria. Has made several dozen recordings.

    Jack London, American author. I read his book White Fang when I was a boy.
    London was only 40 when he died at his ranch in California.

    Martin Landau, actor in many films and TV shows. Was married to actress Barbara
    Bain. Currently age 87.

    Josh Logan, film and stage director. Won a Pulitzer Prize for South Pacific.

    Martin Luther, 16th century monk. Taught theology at the University of
    Wittenberg. His dispute with the Catholic Church escalated into the Reformation
    and the founding of the Lutheran Church.

    Shia La Beouf, actor who is frequently in the news for off screen antics. We
    were almost neighbors as we lived in the same neighborhood. Just not at
    the same time.

    Elsa Lanchester, actress, married to actor Charles Laughton. It was Elsa
    who drove Lucy and Ethel part way to Florida.

    Edward Lloyd, 17th century founder of Lloyd's of London which led to 20th
    Century Fox's production of the movie Lloyd's of London starring Tyrone
    Power and George Sanders.

    Lily Langtry, American actress who toured the Old West. Judge Roy Bean
    named his saloon after her: The Jersey Lily. The saloon was located in a Texas
    town named Langtry (after a railroad engineer). The town is still there;
    current pop reported to be 17.

    Lotte Lehmann, German soprano. Famous for her big voice and big personality.
    Richard Strauss wrote 3 operas for her. After her singing days were over she
    started a music school in Santa Barbara, CA. Shortly before she died in the 1970s
    I sent her a fan letter. She responded on a post card which had her picture on
    the front.

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  17. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Jack London was one of my favorite authors when I was a pre teen. I read "Call of the Wild" many, many times. Also enjoyed "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell.


    Julie London Actress

    Franz Listz Composer/Piano Virtuoso

    Abraham Lincoln Father of Robert and 3 other sons/President

    Lorna Luft Singer/Actress/Judy Garland's daughter

    Fiorello La Guardia Mayor of New York

    Jack LaLanne Fitness Guru

    Sonny Liston Professional Boxer

    Veronica Lake Actress

    Heny W. Longfellow Poet/Educator

    Jenny Lind Swedish Opera Singer

    William Lundigan Actor

    Viveca Lindfors Actress

    Walter Lantz Animator/Film Producer

    Fernando Lamas Acctor

    Lorenzo Lamas Actor (Fernando's son)

    Laura Leighton Actress

    Brenda Lee Singer

    Robert E. Lee General

    Bruce Lee Marshal Arts Actor

    Michele Lee Actress
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Be an interesting party if all of the "L" folks showed up, huh?

    Moving on the the M's.

    Steve Martin, comic, banjo player, etc. The guy with the arrow through his
    head. Started out working in the magic shop on Disneyland's Main Street.
    Became so popular he didn't play clubs. He filled arenas.

    Marjorie Maine, stage and screen actress. She appeared with Percy Kilbride
    in The Egg and I. They went on to make another 9 or 10 Ma and Pa
    Kettle movies. I was a kid then. I never thought the family was funny.
    Just sad; sometimes poigant. And Pa was a lazy bum.

    Douglas MacArthur, 5 star general. I always thought his famous quote about
    "old soldiers never die" made no sense. Looked it up some years ago. Turns
    out he was quoting an old song from WW I. MacArthur Park in Los Angeles
    is named for him. I used to go to the library there frequently in the 70s and
    80s. No longer a good neighborhood to visit. Here's a pic.


    George Mallory, British mountain climber. Died in 1924 while climbing Mt.
    Everest. 75 years later his preserved body was found in the snow. He was
    still wearing the shirt with his name on it. No one knows if he and his
    partner reached the summit before they died.

    Victor Mollo, Bridge expert and author. His books included several dealing
    with Bridge in the Menagerie. The players had personalities to match their
    names. The Hideous Hog, the Rueful Rabbit, etc.

    Andrew Mellon, multimillionaire, banker, art collector, Secretary of the
    Treasury and Diplomat.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery, Canadian author. Most famous for her Anne of Green
    Gables books.

    Charles Macintosh, Scottish scientist and inventor of waterproof clothing. The
    macintosh (raincoat) is named after him.

    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, child prodigy; one of the most popular composers in
    the world today. Died at age 35 in financial straits. Buried in an unmarked grave
    in Vienna.

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  19. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member


    John Milton English Poet

    John Mellencamp Rock Singer

    James Madison President

    Fred MacMurray Actor

    Tony Martin Singer

    Mary Martin Actress

    James Monroe President

    Philip Mountbatten Duke of Edinburgh

    Edmund Muskie U.S. Senator

    Ray Milland Actor

    Robert Montgomery Actor

    Elizabeth Montgomery Actress
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Next, the N's. Beginning with the Nelson family: Ozzie, Harriet, David
    and Ricky. Diane posted their family portrait recently.

    Chuck Norris, Actor. Famed for his martial arts prowess.

    Admiral Horatio Nelson, Britain's greatest naval hero. Stopped Napoleon's
    invasion of England at the Battle of Trafalgar (1805). Was killed during
    the battle.

    Paul Newman, actor and philanthropist.

    Alfred Newman, film composer during the Golden Age and beyond. Was the
    music director at 20th Century Fox studios. Composed the fanfare heard at the
    beginning of their films. Won 9 Oscars.

    Knute Nelson, as his name suggests, he was born in Norway. Came to America a
    poor boy and became an attorney. Gradually worked his way up the political
    ladder until he became Governor of Minnesota in the 1890s.

    John Newbury, 18th century British Publisher. Published many children's books.
    The John Newbury medal on some children's books today is named for him.

    Ray Noble, band leader and composer during the big band era. Wrote
    his own theme song The Very Thought of You.

    Joe Namath, pro football player. In the 70s he became a TV personality
    and seemed to pop up on TV shows every night of the week.

    And now, as the barber says, Next!


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