Last Name Game Vol. #3

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    We started the S's on Vol. 2 so check it out. There are probably more S's to post here on Vol 3 too.

    More S's:

    Emma Samms Actress

    James Standhope British Statesman/Soldier

    Brent Spiner Actor

    Bart Starr Football Quarterback/Coach

    Igor Stravinsky Russian Classical Composer

    Barbra Streisand Singer

    Will Smith Actor

    Norman Schwarzkopf General
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    Thanks for opening Volume 3, GB.

    Adlai Stevenson, Governor of Illinois, Ambassador to the United Nations.
    There appear to be 4 guys with this name in the family. I, II, and III were all politicians:
    Senators, Vice President, etc. Number IV is a journalist.

    Rise Stevens (first name pronounced Ree-za). The most popular Carmen
    at the Met during the 40s and 50s. (My uncle appeared with her as I
    believe I posted previously.) Rise was in a couple movies including the very
    popular Going My Way with Bing Crosby.

    Ray Stevens, country western singer. Recorded lots of novelty tunes.

    Pete Seeger. Folk singer; member of the Weavers. Saw him in two
    concerts, both with Arlo Guthrie and some other singers.

    Jo Stafford, pop singer in the 40s and 50s. Married to conductor
    Paul Weston. Met both of them in the 80s.

    Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War.

    William Shakespeare, Renaissance playwright and poet.

    Gloria Swanson, silent film star who ended her career in a blaze
    of glory with Sunset Boulevard co-starring William Holden.

    Richard Warren Sears, a railroad station agent from a small town in
    Minnesota who went into business with Alvah Roebuck. They did
    pretty well for the first century or so.


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    Advancing to the T's.

    Tom Tryon, movie actor who became a best selling novelist.
    Tony Thomas, film historian and author of many books.
    Arthur Treacher, English character actor; often played butlers.

    Giorgio Tozzi, Bass from Chicago, sang at the Met for decades. He
    also appeared in Broadway musicals and provided the voice for
    Rossano Brazzi in the film version of South Pacific. I saw him with
    the Met and then some 20 years later in a Verdi opera when he was
    in his 60s. Still sounded great.

    Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate of England.

    Tintoretto, Renaissance Italian painter.

    Marlo Thomas, actor. "That Girl." Daughter of Tony Thomas. Wife
    of Phil Donahue. Made a wonderful recording called "Free to Be-
    You and Me" for kids. My son and I listened to that and the
    Sesame Street record regularly. (When not reading The Cat in the
    Hat by Dr. Seuss.)

    John Tyler, President in the 1840s.

    Louis Comfort Tiffany, maker of lamps. Tiffany worked on the interior
    of Mark Twain's house as well as that of Chester Arthur. At the time
    Arthur was living in the White House.

    Mark Twain, author. Still alive when my Dad was born.

    T-T-That's All Folks.
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    Quinton Tarantino Writer

    Danny Thomas Actor

    Elizabeth Taylor Actress

    Zachary Taylor President

    Eugene Talmadge Georgia Governor

    Spencer Tracy Actor

    Mike Todd Film Producer

    Mel Torme Singer

    Grant Tinker CEO of NBC

    Rip Torn Actor
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    U's and V's: (Since there aren't too many of these)

    Peter Ustinov Actor

    Johnny Unitas Football Player/Quarterback

    Skeet Ulrich Actor

    Robert Urich Actor
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    HI GB

    Gordon said, "I never would have thought of Peter Ustinov." I said,
    "He's the first one I thought of."

    Rudy Vallee, crooner, actor. Saw him onstage in the 1960s.
    Gianni Versace, Italian designer.

    Cornelius Vanderbilt, founder of the Vanderbilt empire. Owner of
    Biltmore, the largest house in America. It can be seen in the movie
    Being There which starred Peter Sellers and was highly praised. I
    thought it was the most boring movie ever made.

    Jerry Vale, Frankie Valli, Ritchie Valens. All singers.
    Vivian Vance, Ethel.

    Carrie Underwood, singer and actor.
    Tracy Ullman, actor.
    Oliver Unger, film and TV Producer: Long Day's Journey into Night;
    The Unbrellas of Cherbourg.
    Henry Ulrich, U.S. Admiral

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    More V's:

    Rudolph Valentino Actor

    Roger Vadim Sceenwriter/Producer

    Richie Valens Singer

    Brenda Vacarro Actress

    Dick Van Dyke Actor

    Eddie Van Halen Rock Singer

    Dick Van Patten Actor

    Joyce Van Patten Actress

    Vincent Van Gogh Painter

    Elena Verdugo Actress

    Jerry Van Dyke Actor

    Betsy Von Furstenberg Actress
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    Earl Warren, Governor of CA, Chief Justice, US Supreme Court, Chairman of
    the Warren Commission that investigated the JFK assassination.

    James Whitmore
    Ester Williams
    Adam West (Batman)

    Narcissa Whitman, first American woman to cross the Rocky Mountains
    (1836). She and her husband were missionaries in Oregon territory. Killed
    by Indians in 1847.

    William Wyler, Director. Won 3 Oscars. Made great films but frustrated the
    studio by shooting the same scene over and over. This used lots of film
    and extended the time to complete the project, all of which cost money.
    He also drove the actors crazy because he'd shoot a scene 10-12 times but
    never give them any suggestions to make it better.

    Wallace Worsley, silent film director. Remembered for the Lon Chaney
    version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    George Washington
    Woodrow Wilson
    Wendell Willkie, last Republican to run against FDR.

    John Williams, film composer.

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    Flip Wilson

    Denzel Washington

    Mike Wallace

    George Wallace

    H. G. Wells

    Dennis Weaver

    Oscar Wilde

    Ed Wynn

    Charlie Weaver

    Bruce Willis

    Tennessee Williams

    Lyle Waggoner

    Tom Wopat

    Mae West

    Lesley Ann Warren

    Dana Wynter

    James Whitmore

    Margaret Whiting

    William Westmoreland, General
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    X, Y and Z:

    Tricia Yearwood Country Singer

    William Butler Yeats, Poet

    Morris and William Zale (Zale Brothers Jewelry)
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    X, Y, Z some more.

    Malcom X

    Robert Young, actor, Father Knows Best
    Linus Yale, inventor of the modern cylinder lock. Founder of the Yale
    Lock Company. (The Yale who was a benefactor to Yale University was
    Elihu Yale, a wealthy American business man.)

    Carl Yastrzemski, left fielder and home run hitter.
    Sam Yorty, Mayor of LA when I moved here in the 60s.
    Boris Yeltzin, President of Russia

    Renee Zelleweger
    Frank Zappa
    Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

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    Zat's All Folks!
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