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    If you guys aren't too tired of the Famous Names Game, we could list by LAST names this time! :)

    Famous last names that start with A:

    Fred Astaire Dancer/Actor

    Adele Astaire Dancer (Fred's sister and dance partner)

    Loni Anderson Actress

    Christina Applegate Actress

    John Adams President

    Claude Akins Actor
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  2. rockgor

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    Ok, GB

    Isn't it a shame that Adele didn't make a picture or two before she gave up show
    biz to marry some English bloke. Actually it was Lord Cavendish. He died 8
    years later. The silver screen would have made her immortal. I did see a clip
    of her dancing. It was only about ten seconds long. There were some dancing
    girls on stage rehearsing. Adele joined them in making a dancing exit.

    Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women as well as Little Men and other books.

    Roald Amundsen, Norwegian explorer. First to reach the S. Pole; 1911.

    John Adams, (listed above) was our second President. His son, John Quincy Adams
    also became President. In 9th grade we (well, some of us) learned all the
    Presidents. Of course, they were a lot fewer to memorize in those days.

    Stephen Austin, the "Father of Texas".

    Judith Anderson, actress from Australia. A star on stage. Later in lots of
    films. Played the evil Mrs. Danvers in Rebecca and was Big Mama in Cat
    On A Hot Tin Roof.

    Francisco Araiza, golden voiced tenor from Mexico. Made lots of
    recordings. Other singers like to joke that the tenors' ringing tones
    are the result of big sinus passages in their heads. These "holes" don't
    leave much room for brains. That's why they are always doing stupid
    things like taking on unsuitable roles. the result is a damaged voice.
    Luciano Pavarotti and Araiza are good examples.

  3. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Rock, I remember seeing Adele in a film clip on tv one time but don't remember what she looked like, other than being thin like Fred.

    I saw a film about Enrico Caruso starring Mario Lanza recently. Caruso had some sort of throat condition that gave him a lot of trouble. I'll look it up.

    Good list of A's! GB
  4. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Chet Adkins Country Singer

    Chester A. Arthur President 1891-1895

    John Astin Actor

    Gene Autry Cowboy Actor

    Konrad Adenauer German Statesman

    Steve Allen Comedian

    Bella Abzug Social Activist/Leader of Women's Movement/Congress
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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, GB. Saw two of the above A+ people on stage. Steve Allen and
    Gene Autry. Here are a few more A's.

    Eddie Albert who was from Minneapolis. Star of stage, screen, TV,
    nightclubs and the circus. And particularly Green Acres.

    Harold Arlen, composer of Over the Rainbow, That Old Black Magic,
    Only a Paper Moon, Get Happy, etc. Judy Garland's favorite songwriter.

    Allen Alda, Mash, etc.

    Bud Abbot, partner of Costello.

    George Abbot, actor, writer, director and play doctor. Winner of several
    Tonys and a Pulitzer. Lived to be something like 106.

    Don Adams, actor, Get Smart, etc.

    Dan Aykroyd, writer, actor. Saturday Night Live, Ghostbusters, Driving
    Miss Daisy.

    Sir Richard Attenborough, English actor, director, producer. Brother of
    Sir David Attenborough who narrates all those nature films. I read his
    book about working at the BBC in the early days of TV. He eventually
    became its Director.

    Jeanine Altmeyer, opera soprano from Pasadena. In 1970 she won the
    Metropolitan Opera Auditions. I was in the audience at USC. The other
    singers were very good, but they sounded like voice students. Jeanine was
    only 22, but she already sounded like a mature opera singer. For the next
    27 years she sang at the Met and the great opera house of Europe.

  6. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Would love to hear Jeannine Altmeyer. What did she sing?

    More A's:

    Hans Christian Andersen Writer of children's stories

    Dana Andrews Actor

    Jane Austin English novelist

    Mary Astor Actress

    John Jacob Astor Business man/Fur trader

    Sean Astin Actor

    Maxine, Laverne, and Patty Andrews Singers/The Andrews Sisters of the Boogie Woogie era.

    Roy Acuff Country Singer

    Pier Angeli Actress

    Kirsti Alley Actress
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  7. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    It's a lot easier to think of names from the beginning of the alphabet than from
    the end, huh, GB. You can hear Jeanine on Youtube. When I heard her she
    sang an aria by Puccini, but she was famous for singing Wagner and Strauss.
    Those operas require a big voice. I found 14 opera recordings by her on the net.
    All but one were by Wagner. The remaining one was by Beethoven.

    Are we ready for B's?

    Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.

    Lauren Bacall, married to fellow actor Humphrey Bogart. A pair of B's though
    they did not appear in B movies.

    Kenny Baker, singer who was a regular on the Jack Benny show. Another
    pair of B's.

    Luther Burbank, horticulturist.

    Enid Bagnold, British author. Her books include National Velvet.

    Elton Britt, Country western singer. Famous for his yodeling.

    Mrs. Butterworth. Can't find much info about the famous syrup lady.
    She appears to be only an advertising creation like Betty Crocker.

    Admiral Richard Byrd, explorer of both poles.

    Ma Barker, mother of four criminals. She was killed in 1935 during a shoot
    out with the FBI. Whether she was an active participant in the sons' crimes
    or merely an accomplice is a matter of controversy.

    Ruth Bader, Supreme Court Justice.

    The Barrymores: Lionel, Ethel, and John. Stars at MGM. In 1932 all
    three of them appeared in a film titled Rasputin and the Empress.
    The film was not a success. Drew Barrymore is the granddaughter of John.

    Be seein' ya, Kids
  8. ConfusedInPA

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    Hi GB and Rock!

    I do have to admit, my mind is still thinking of "first names." LOL I tried to think of people for the "A" game, and I kept thinking of first names! I hope my thoughts are clearer today! :) We'll see. (The first two people I thought of for the B's were "B"ruce Willis and "B"ruce Springsteen -- INCORRECT; TRY AGAIN!) o_O :oops:

    Bowie, David -- singer
    Brando, Marlon -- actor
    Berle, Milton -- comedian
    Bancroft, Anne -- actress
    Belzer, Richard -- actor and stand-up comedian
    Burghoff, Gary -- actor (MASH)
    Banderas, Antonio -- actor

    That's it for now!

    Diane :D
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  9. Soul*

    Soul* Well-Known Member

    Barbapapa, fictional figure, can be anything he wants... don't know his last name...
    Barbamama, see above but change to female
    Barbabee, yellow boy who can talk to animals
    Barbalala, green musicloving girl
    Barbabientje, orange book and theater loving girl
    Barbabob, artloving hairy boy
    Barbabella, purple beautyprincess
    Barbabenno, blue sciencedude
    Barbaborre, red machoboy
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    GB, I hope the problem with your arm is temporary. But if you've had it before,
    maybe not.

    Diane, good to see you back.

    Soul, I looked up Barbapapa. Wikipedia says:
    Barbapapa is both the title character, and name of the "species" of said
    character, of a series of children's books written in the 1970s by Annette
    and Talus Taylor, who resided in Paris, France. The books were
    originally written in French (barbe à papa - literally "Daddy's beard" - is
    French for cotton candy or candy floss), and were later translated into
    over 30 languages."

    Barbarapapa expanded into cartoons and comic books. And here's the illustration:
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Karen Carpenter, pop singer. Especially of songs written by
    her brother Richard.

    Buffalo Bill Cody, Old West figure from Iowa (before Iowa was
    a state). Union Army soldier and scout, buffalo hunter, founder
    of the first Wild West show. Born in 1846 he will still alive when
    my Dad was young.

    Johnny Carson and Dick Cavette.

    James Gould Cozzzens, Pulitzer Prize winner. His novel By
    Love Possessed was a best seller when I was a teen. Made into
    a movie with Lana Turner.

    Richard Chamberlain, star of stage and screen (both big and
    little). He could also sing. You can hear him on Youtube.

    Winston Churchill, Nobel Prize winner for literature. His
    day job was something or other for the British government.

    Franco Corelli, opera tenor. The average tenor has a build
    like a penguin. Well, they need short vocal cords in order to
    hit those high notes. But Corelli was 6 feet tall, slim, handsome
    as a movie star, and had a golden voice. Saw him twice with
    the Met. He lived up to his image.

    George Custer, last in his class at West Point. During the
    Civil War he was promoted to General (temporarily). After
    the war, as a Lt. Colonel, he led the troops into the Battle
    of the Little Big Horn aka Custer's last stand. The Big Horn
    was a river in Wyoming and Montana. The Little Big
    Horn is a tributary.

    In 1876, the same year Custer was defeated, Willis Carrier
    was born. In 1902 he designed the world's first air conditioner.
    Time Magazine called him on the 100 most influential people
    of the 20th century.

  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    I'm falling behind! Haven't done my B's yet. I'll be back tonight. :) GB
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OH, Sorry, GB. I checked to make sure we had all posted on the B's.
    Got it wrong again. Imagine how much trouble I have trying to keep
    track of my meds and supplements. Uff-da!

    Rock [​IMG]
  14. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    GB's B's:

    Meredith Baxter Actress

    James Buchanan President

    Lord George G. Byron Poet

    Joan Bennett Actress

    Shelley Berman Comedian

    Carol Burnett Comedian

    Barbara Billingsley Actress

    P. T. Barnum Showman (The Greatest Show on Earth) Circus

    James A.Bailey Circus creator with Barnum

    Carol Baker Actress

    Antonio Banderas Actor

    P.G.T. Beauregard General Civil War

    Ed Begley Jr. Actor

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poet

    Robert Browning Poet

    Emily, Charlotte, and Anne Bronte Novelists/Poets

    Sandra Bullock Actress
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  15. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    More C's :

    Calvin Coolidge President

    George Washington Carver Botanist found many uses for peanuts

    Jimmy Carter President, also involved with peanuts

    Dyan Cannon Actress

    Billy Crystal Comedian

    William Clark Explorer

    Mike Connors Actor

    William Conrad Actor

    Bing Crosby Singer

    Robert Cummings Actor

    Kitty Carlisle Actress/Singer

    Perry Como Singer
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "Carpe diem", said the Roman poet Horace. Seize the day. Or as one of my old
    college friends put it, "Carpe the shar-pei." Pick up the dog. All of which leads
    to my question, any more C's or shall we move on to the Ds?

    Rock [​IMG]
  17. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Moving on to the D's is fine by me! If we lag behind on one, it's easy to catch up. :)
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, you're right, GB. If we have a few posts out of order that will add textural
    interest. Like putting cashews in the mashed potatoes.

    Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champ. My dad did not admire anyone in the
    world except a few athletes like Jack and Babe Ruth and Bronco Nagurski.
    In those days baseball was the national pastime, but today it's basketball.

    Charles Dawes, Vice President in the 1920s when Calvin Coolidge was President.
    One of my coworkers told me his mother was doing genealogical research. He
    was surprised to hear there was a Vice President on the family tree.

    Philip K. Dick, prolific science fiction writer. Wikipedia says at least 9 movies
    have been made from his books including Blade Runner.

    Irene Dunne, One of the queens of the MGM lot. She also sang. Was in the
    2nd version of Show Boat. Her films included I Remember Mama, Life With
    Father, and two comedies with Cary Grant.

    The Dorsey Brothers, bandleaders in the big band era.

    The Smothers Brothers, funny guys who also sang folksongs.

    Hal David who wrote songs with Burt Bacharach. Their songs include Magic
    Moments, They Long to Be Close to You, and Raindrops Keep Falling
    on my Head.

    John Downey, Governor of California; born in Ireland. He and Arnold
    Schwarzenegger are the only two foreign-born CA. governors.

    The Dalton Brothers, bank robbers in the Old West. In 1892, in a feat of
    stunning stupidity, they tried to rob two banks simultaneously in their
    hometown of Coffyville, Kansas. The townspeople shot the gang to pieces.

    One brother survived. Emmett Dalton served 14 years of a life sentence and
    was then pardoned. He came to California. In the 1930s he was baptized
    at the Aimee Semple McPherson Temple which is across the street from
    Echo park which is 2 blocks from our house. History is just around
    the corner.

  19. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    More D's:

    Matt Damon Actor

    Matt Dillon Actor

    Larry David Writer/Producer

    Robert Downey Jr. Actor

    Roger Daltry Singer

    Dana DeLany Actress

    Kim DeLaney Actress

    Dolores del Rio Actress

    Sandy Duncan Actress

    John Dillinger Gangster during the Depression Era
  20. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    I thought of more D's -- HI y'all,

    Ted Danson, actor

    Tony Danza, actor

    David Duchovny, actor

    Patrick Dempsey, actor

    Michael Douglas, actor

    Kirk Douglas, actor

    Olivia d'Abo, actress

    Leonardo da Vinci, artist, etc.

    Celine Dion, singer

    Beverly D'Angelo, actress

    Jimmy Dorsey, bandleader

    Olympia Dukakis, actress

    Faye Dunaway, actress


    That's it for now. I was on a roll there! LOL

    Diane :D
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