Last night first time trying Klonopin....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aryiella, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. aryiella

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    Ok, well after getting everyone's opinion on what meds to ask my Doc for since the Ambien wasn't cutting it, he finally gave me 30 of the 0.5mg pills (generic). I told him to give me the generic because otherwise my insurance would require non-formulary paperwork to be submitted and I didn't feel like waiting for their beaurocratic red tape crap. Anyways, I took it about 9 pm on a fairly empty stomach. It made me feel slightly groggy and relaxed, and it did help me fall asleep easier, however I still think I woke up the same number of times that I usually do during the night (4-5), and I distinctly recall 1 or 2 "disturbing" type dreams. So, do I need to take it more consecutive days to give it more time to put me into "deep sleep", or does that mean it wasn't a large enough dose for me? I do not have any lingering grogginess this morning. The thing is, my Doc seems very hesitant to give me any of these types of drugs....he wants to monitor my progress like once a month....I don't know if he'd even ok a higher dose if necessary. What does everyone think who has experience with this drug?

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    This dose is half what is recommended by Dr. Cheney, although I think it best to start out with .5 mgs. I would give it some time too.

    Most docs want their patients to also take a small amount during the daytime. Look in our library for Dr. Paul Cheney's excellent article on Klonopin and give a copy to your doc. You will enjoy reading it as well.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have been on .05 mg. of clonezepam (generic) for 2-3 months. It seemed to have a cumulative effect for me, taking about a week to settle in. I must report now, that it has been a godsend. I used to have about 20 wake ups a nite, and now may have one to run to the potty. I definitely think you need to give it more time, with one dose being to short of time to make a decision. I am very resistant to meds, and I have never felt the least bit groggy at this dosing. If you are getting groggy and relaxed I wouldn't up the dosage, but just give it some time.
    Best wishes,
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    I'll give it some more time then, and if I don't see any improvement in a month, I'll let the doc know, and maybe show him that article you were talking about Mikie.

    Layinglow, like you, I am very "drug-resistant" it seems, and have had a high tolerance for various things. Kind of odd, considering I have a history of allergies and sensitivities to other stuff.

    I'll keep you posted.