Last night of taking my MOM to er for IV thearpy

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    I am so so tried and happy at the same time. This evening I took my MOm once again in the past 6 nights go the ER and find out how her celluitis is doing. She is doing much better and the small hole they cut to let the infection drain has closed up and no matter how much the doctor squeezed on it nothing came out. She was put on oral antibiotioics. They are a double sregnth and I hope that she does not get the side effects from the antibitoics usually give to you.

    I think that sometimes MOm thinks she is still really young and that an serious illness such as a staph infection could make her so tired and exhusted all the time.

    And she is finding it hard to even read a book as she is so exhusted. The doctor told her that the king of bacteria she had in her arm for over 6 days would have made him feel tired too, but for some one of her "Mature years 79 yrs old" IT would be exhusting for her and she should take it easy for at least a week but she will not do that and will be at work this morning.

    Thankfully she only can work 20 hours in a week and will only work in the mornings so she can rest in the afternoons. They put a bandage on a spot of skin that she had ripped with her thumb nail as they did not want it to get infected as well.
    The doctor talked about this Staph being a really BAD bacteria and it coudl make her really sick but he was not sure that this staph was that kind of bacteria and if it is not then they will let her take a lower dose of her Bactrum.

    I can't explain to you how exhusted i am and all I have done is take her to and from the ER daily for the past week. And It was her that was so sick and not wanting to move or be touched at the spot where the pocket of infection was really has and still does casue her intense pain when she bumps it or tried to move in bed.

    So this past week has been all aboaut my MOM and how she is feeling. And yet I am feeling like I am ready to fry as I don't have any energy left in me.

    And if that were not enough I went to the pain doctor tuesday and he he talked to me aobut the usual things how do i feel and I asked him if he really feels if I have fibro and he said that he has NO QUESTION that I have it.

    But for him to really conform it I need to have a expencise blook test that my insurance will not pay for. Some thing to do with The rumitoid aritritis. But I don't reamember the name of this test.

    He went on to tell me that I have all the signs and symptoms adn tender points and I have the fatique really bad. HE wanted to know why I was looking so drained and pale so I had to explain to him aobut my MOM and hre having staaph. HE liked the idea of putting neosporin on her skin like lotion so that the bactirea can 't get in to the cuts and bursies she gets from her pregnozne.

    And found out that the one for my Soma was not right and it had been written wrong. NUmb. #60 sig take 1 bid .
    And it shoud say that I need this amount # 120 sig qid.
    So in english I hsould be taking them 4 x;s a day instead of the 3 that the script said I was to take.

    So finally after several phone calls to his office I got the call that he has oked the office staff to call in my Soma and I would have to bring in the written script for the #60 pills and I said Great .

    I will do it this morning or around 1 pm. I can't tell you just how happy and relieved I was to hear that he has oked this change of scripts and that the staff has apoligied to me for that mistake.

    I had it worked out with my phramacy to loan me 4 days fwroth of pills if I could not get it called in. And I would have to show them the script with the mistake and then they would give it back to me and I would take it to the doctor on MOnday and get the right script with the right amount on it.

    ANd I would then take it to the pharmacy were the 4 days would be deleted from teh count of 120 pills. And then pay for it then. I am so much happier now that it is fixed and the mix up is over with and I don't have to worry about it like I did last night.

    NO matter how hard I tried to sleep this script that was written wrong was always in my dreams and I would wake up startled and upset in tears. I hate dreams like that!

    So life goes on and I have been flaring I think as no matter what I do or how little I do I am so sleepy that even watching TV sitting up I will start to dose off and fall alseep and it is so hard to wake up . I have had more aches and pains this past week also that the doc thought was due to the stress I have been under from MOm 's illness.

    Mom was so funny to night as she explained what she thought celliutis was. " I thought that when you had celliutis they were talking about the dimples in your skin from fat and I could not understand why did celliutis make you so sick when it was just fat cells?" The nurse had never thought of it that way and I had not either but I can understand why she did.

    With all the avertizements that are around taliing about celluite on your thighs that she just thought celluite and cellluitis were the same things. And they are so NOt the same thing .

    She has been so sick and they cultured it lst night and found out that the infectin and puss he had squeezed out of her elbow was a staaph infectino and it was a bad one... So we got her antibitoics to night so that she could start them in the morning like she was told to do.

    The human body is some thing so amazing you have so many parts that keep out bacteria that can kill you and you don't even think about the biggest organ in the body {YOUR SKIN} thanks to the quick medical attention she has had she is on the road to recovery.

    She just needs to watch this spot for it to get worse or she gets dierearra and gets dehydreated. And then she would need to go to the ER again.So pray that she is on the way to healing her body adn will not get this again.

    I shoould have aksed just why does having my mom sick make me sicker and feel like i haev fbeen flattened by a Mack truck andhis wachy driver. And I have been so fatiqued this past week , the strain of her illness has had some tole on me and it made me fatiqued all the time.

    So me and my achy breaky body are going to go to bed now and try to get some sleep and rest. Thank you all for your support that you ahve given to me during htis time. I thinak all over you for the good thoughts that you have been sending my way.
    Thanks so much ,
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