Last night was scary for me and painfull as well

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    I was here posting and it started to get windy and I could hear thunder a long way away from me. But I was almost finished typing the post and was going to shut off the coumputer just for good mesure. When out of the BLUE there was the loudest thunder clap I have ever heard or felt. I felt like I had been shocked all over my body.

    Everything went black , lights were off Tv went off and the coumputer was black too, there was no light any where in the house and just as quickly as it hit the lights were back on.But the TV and coumputer well the internet didn't come back on line. We have cable and it is hooked up to the coumputer and they both were off line. And as it was still thundering out side I had to shurt of the box that is for my internet as it kept searching for a connection. And could not find one. So my hubby unpluged it.

    My left wrist hurt so badly all night long and all day today, I don't know if it hurts from the HIGH JUMP and being startled so badly. Or did I get zapped. I don't think so as every thing is working so it must be from the shock and being startled.

    I don't even remember what I was posting about last night.
    But tonight I was reading about hypermobility and chronic fatique. I am about 50+ pound over weight. And my knees are really bad, and I have shattered my left wirst that now has a titiaum plate and 6 screws to put me back together again.

    Yet after all that I have been through and I have a hard time walking. I can stand and bend at the waist , hang for a few minutes and my body will ease down towards till my palms will touch the floor flat.

    Yes I admit it really looks funny this fat lady bending over and touching the floor with the flat of her palms. But I can do it even after shattering my left wrist. Although It hurts after I do it. So I don't touch the floor with my palms down flat.

    I don't know if that means any thing as I have not been dx with Chronic Fatique. But I do have fibro and CMP. And degenerative disc disease , spinal stenosis, facet syndrdome, radilopathy in my lumbar spine, 2 discs that are buldging, knees that have osteoarthitis, I seem to be falling apart faster than ever. And I hate it.

    Today my body has not been happy about that late night thunder storm . I am not kidding when I say it was LOUD. And that ai JUMPED HIGH , I think you could have put a reader's digest condensed book under my butt before I came down on it. What a sight that must have been to see.
    Thank heavens no one saw me jump and startle that way.

    But I don't know what is worng with my left wrist tonight , it is the one that I shattered and it is so tender to the touch and feels stiff also. I want to massage it but that makes it get shooting electrical pains up my arm and it hurts badly.

    Just what the heck did I do to me? And what caused this pain to be so bad today.
    I am hurting so much that I just want to keep a hot pack on the wrist but you can only have it on so long at a time. But now the pain is going up my left arm into the humerous bone and it feels like the pain is in my bones.

    How can that be? Most of the time when I get bad pain It seems to feel that it is so deep and is in my bones. And I know that it is in my muscles and tendons too. I feel full of knots and my muscles are so tight too.

    What ever I did I really did a number on it.
    I am so tired and I want to go to sleep but I can't sleep now. I went to the water arobics class on Wed.But didn't go last night due to the weather as the pool is an out door one.
    And tonight it is the county fair and the fair grounds are across the street from the pool and every one parks there when the pool closes and my class is at 9:30-10:30 so as fast as someone left the pool someone was parking in that spot.

    And it made me angry as they are not to park there. But there was nothing I could do about it. I could not walk the four blocks that I would have had to walk to get to the class and then walk back after it. I am to tired now and that would have only sent me in to a flare. I think.

    I just ache so much to night and I am not happy about it. I have another problem that I want to share with you.
    In the early evenings I get really exhusted and my muscles ache so badly that they hurt clear down to the bones and I just have to lay down in my bed and rest.

    I take my pain meds and I will lay down on my bed and put the covers on me even though I am not cold but I just hurt so much that I need some warmth. And I will lay there and cry and just as I start to relax my body will JUMP and startle and that hurts like heck.

    As I relax and the body stops or slows the startleing and jumping I will get so sleepy that I can't keep my eye's open and I will fall alseep for a couple of hours and then I have to fight to wake my self up from the nap I had.
    IF I don't go to my bed I still get this tired , exhusted and I will doze off as well . I still hear the TV but some times I am out enough that the show I was watching is over and something totally differnt is on.
    Why is it that I get so tired in the evening and nothing helps even not taking my meds so that I am not sleepy.

    I am not sleeping at night because I have had this nap at 6 pm and can't wake up till 7:30pm and I don't like this. But if I don't sleep then I still can't fall alseep at night as I am too tired and to exhusted. I wish I knew why I do this? I don't have a clue.

    I don't know if this is just me or is it a part of what I have.

    I am starting to ramble on and my left wrist is starting to THROB again so it is time to stop typing adn go to bed. I HOpe and sleep too.
    Thanks for listenign to me whine .
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    Hope you feel better after some sleep, Rosemarie.
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    When everything hurts at one time it is certainly miserable.
    When it is one, two or three things it is bearable, but when does 'bearable' become 'unbearable'?

    You do as much resting as you can and just do whatever you are able to do. I would not put much stress and strain on that body. Not a doctor, but that would be my best guess.
    Yes, water aerobics sounds terrific.

    You have such a nice spirit about you. Let it all out.


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