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    last night I couldnt sleep. I went into a "psychic chat room" which is one of my hangouts. They were doing a Question and Answer thing, where you ask a question and everybody tries to tune into you and answer. The biggest question I had was.."when wil i get my disability"

    Immediately, one woman spoke up and said, " Do you have fibro, depression, and symptoms of Lupus?" I was floored, and I don't get floored easily. Anyhow, after I told her yes, she said I would get an approval soon.

    I am so excited right now, and normally I would take it with a grain of salt, but she knew exactly what I I am a bit more excited than I would normally be.

    Ok, so it was a goofy post...but I had to share :)
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    Here's hoping!

    Take care.....Kathi
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    when I told my husband that I needed to retire, I told him that I had a gut feeling that my SSDI would go through on the first try. We had already been told by everyone that this NEVER happens, so I started an attorney search, just in case. Well, it happened - first time, no attorney. A genuine psychic can sometimes foretell events. The keys here are GENUINE and SOMETIMES. Nobody can predict every event, every time. Also, on these psychic hot lines, you will get 300 people, all purporting to be "Madame Alexis" or whoever. My feeling is that you may have gotten lucky this one time. Count your blessings and wait for your check. DO NOT SEND THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!!!!!! I really do hope this works for ypu.
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    No, I would never send a phone psychic money! As a joke one night a friend of mine decided to call. (He had money to burn) Anyhow, he called from my house and I got on the other line and listened. We had a good laugh about it $50 later, but I will just say from that experience that I would never call for advise. We all have lessons to learn in life, and if we need guidance to make every decision, then we have not learned our lessons.
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    will you email me the site??

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    I would also like to know which site this is.
    My email is in my profile. Thanks.
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    a future event like it was a movie over laid infront of my eyes, I see death mostly and was told that you can change what you see. Mind over matter. Hope it comes through soon. Can you give the name of the site w/o useing the who addy?

    Take care and we are thinking positvely for you. Kim and Gary
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    really want that psychic web site...

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    hi , i'm a lurker usually........
    i use tarot, some think thats goofy as well.
    i read of an upcoming illness and within a short time i was found to have an ovarina tumor.
    will have surgery soon, the cards imply that there is no cancer , but possible endrometriosis.. i hope they are correct this time also.
    good luck to you on your disability!
    i think i'm almost at the point where i will need it too.
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    I hope what she said is true for you. I would like that site also, when you get a chance. My email address is
    Thanks and good luck,
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    I wish you were a psychic so you would know that
    we all want more info!!!
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    WOuldn't mind knowing that myself!
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