Last painting done Come see my swamp

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I love this one. I painted it once before and sold it to a guy that came into the antique shop looking for landscapes and we did not have what he wanted. So I showed him my pics on my laptop. He loved it and I met him the next day.

    This is a Bob Ross lesson step by step with photos, I swear anyone can do this, almost as easy as paint by numbers,lol.

    It starts with a acrylic under painting in shades of grays for the background and darker gray for the foreground so if you mess up, paint over it with white and try again and beleive me I did it several times.

    Then you use this Liquid Clear after the under painting has dryed, that is what gives it the smokey look. Mistakes can be correct, altho not as easy as the under painting but it does work, did this with the trees on the left.

    If it sells at the show, I will paint it again for me to KEEP- it will hang in my bathroom. I hope you visiting my swamp-Carla
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I believe there's a dinosaur peeking from behind a tree.

  3. jole

    jole Member

    This is one of my very favorites! It's intriguing (sp)and I can get lost in it! It may have been easy for you, but I can't imagine me painting it.
  4. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    I think I have been in this swamp

    I really like this.

    Is Bob Ross the guy with the big hair that is on KET?
    I'm not sure if that is his name, maybe you know who I am talking about. He amazes me.

  5. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Wow, you are very talented. What a beautiful picture Carla. That is wonderful that you have a hobby that you love and can still do. Mine was softball, however, that all ended a couple of years ago when i got this horrible fibro and cfs

    Keep up the good work!!!!
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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee Carla you surely are talented. Want to see my stick people and trees too (-: ?? I know I have told you before but there, I said it again !! You are very talented !!

    Keep it up. I am sure that is your THERAPY as singing is mine. I have to push to get to practices and perfomances and hurts to stand there for long periods, or sit too, etc. etc. but I still think it is my therapy asyou do with your art. We need this !! However, I have been lucky enough not to be bed ridden but every little thing we can do for ourselves and others is VERY helpful.

    I think it is helpful for anyone with this DD or chronic pain to get out if possible and do whatever it is that they enjoy ( as much as they can of course). Something like softball that was mentioned by another poster might of course be to strenuous although a little stretching might work. I know as two of our daughaters were big into softball. It can be very strenuous and energy packed which most of us do not have for sure.

    Painting is a great thing if you are talented with it. However, it does take alot of patience to stick with the task, not to mention talent.

    Keep showing us your art Carla. It gives us all hope !!

    Hugs and blessings,

  7. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    This is a great one! Love it.

    This is your best one yet, it will be kind of hard to beat perfection.

    I think maybe I will give your idea a try.

    What is Liquid Clear and where do you get it? Are the trees etc. done with acrylic?

    I have a sale this comming week maybe I will get lucky and sell one or two. Love Denamay
  8. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Liquid clear is a Bob Ross product that you can buy at any hobby/art shop or online. It only takes a little, too much and it doesn't work. You spread a thin coat all over the canvas, then take a paper towel and wipe it off. Then go to glazing.

    All the the background trees and the 2 on the right where painted with arylic craft paint, the palm leaves are underpainted too, very light gray, then tinted them slightly with green.

    The water in the frontand the fore ground are under painted too, then did the left trees and the grasses, bushes with full color. Just make sure the underpainting is completely dry.

    When I saw this picture in the book, I knew I had to have it and was disappointed I sold it but I did need the money and knew I could paint it again and I think I did a better job on this one.

    Are you still having trouble with your tuplips? I like the medium of water color but there is not much room for error. I don't like the clean up and smell of oils but mistakes can be corrected and sometimes happy accidents just work.

    I really enjoy painting more than doing the stained glass, I just got to the point where I just can not make glass anymore for the sake of the gallery. She understands my health issues but will do a commission if I get one.

    Please post some of your work, I have always loved your style-Carla
  9. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Thank you Rock, yes I did sneek one in there-sharp eye.

    Jole- I felt the same way when I saw this picture in the book. I use to fish in VA and there was a place like this called "Ed Allen's Lake". It had the cypress trees and stumps, great bass fishing and this reminds me of those days.

    Lacey-glad to see you didn't get blowed away this week-Thanks glad you liked it

    Mickey-I am so glad you liked it, I was never a sports person other than fishing, but never play sports like softball, volley ball, ect. But I do know my way around a pool table.

    I believe we all have a hidden talent and it is our journey to find it and nurture it. I did not start painting until 2003 then had to stop in 2004 and just started again this past month.

    Granni's gift is of song, I can't sing a lick and she is a dancer too. The thing about doing something you love is you find the patience somehow. I sat for 2 days and had to push myself away from desk. I just got so caught up in it. Granni that is why I do show my work, it is to show people IT CAN BE DONE. I don't come up with all this in my head, I work with patterns in glass and the painting is from lesson books. I will consider myself a artist when I do something straight from my brain,lol.

    Sheepy-sorry your camera and computer aren't talking, do send me a pic when you figure it out-Thanks for looking-Carla
  10. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    it's brilliant, sort of draws you in......eerie but peaceful at the same time.

    It will definitely sell.

  11. doloresf1

    doloresf1 New Member

    It has such a serenity about it. And a sense of mystery also. I truly love this! Thank you for sharing it with us. doloresf1
  12. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    All I can say is WOW.....girl you are talented! Such a beautiful picture and the shading is absolutely stunning! I wish I had just an ounce of your creativity. My creativity seems to be in bed with my fur babies. LOL.

    I wish I had your vision and skill!
  13. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I appreciate all your wonderful comments Little, Monica and snog.

    Snog what did you mean by the little guys happys in it? Maybe it is just my morning fog-thanks for looking-Carla
  14. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I love the painting Carla.. I've tried getting that smokey hazey effect and I can't quite capture it.

    But... Rock.. I don't see a dinosaur!

    & happy little guys either!!

    But i really, really love the painting~
  15. kjade

    kjade New Member

    That picture is beautiful Carla! You did a fabulous job! I wish I could paint like that! Is it really as easy as painting by numbers? I think I can do that!!

    You have a wonderful talent - you should be very proud!

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