Late afternoon aches

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mq, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. mq

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    I know I'm not suffering like some of you. I'm thrilled that my hydrocortisone, nystatin, armor thyroid and cytomel have helped so much. But with a large family, it's tough to start aching about 4-5pm, right when I need to be doing the supper thing. Can't really do it earlier, as we homeschool, and I'm busy w/ that most of the day. The more I move, the more I ache. And the "sore throat" that used to accompany the aches when this first started has returned. Is it diet? Do I need to eat more protein in the afternoon? just plain tiredness--around 3pm has been my tired time for as long as I can remember? Or more thyroid needed? Or something else?
    So looking forward to your insights!
    mommy to 8
  2. roses4dean

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    I know how you feel. I am a hair stylist and on my feet all day and even on my days off I still have pain when the afternoon starts. When I get off of work I come home and do what needs to be done, but when I finally sit down to relax the pain hits,when I get up after sitting for about 10 minutes, I can hardly walk. I am racked with pain in my legs and feet. On my worst days it feels like dinosours knawing on my bones. I start phisical therapy in 2 days, I don't know if I should look forward to it or not. My doc has cut me off all meds because he doesn't feel that I should take meds for fibro. I am running out of my left over meds and I don't think they prescribe at phisical therapy.
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    what a job for your health. I have compassion for you. My mom had your job, and I remember her saying her feet hurt to her hips.
    But I hurt more when I move. When I'm seditary, I'm much better or pain-free.
    thanks though
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    Im a nurse..although not physcially working the floor anymore..I tend to be out there all I am on my feet..98% of the time. It seems I finally get through the morning pains..and then around hits again. My job now..requires me to work longer hours than I did. So these afternoon aches really bother me. I just want to go home and cry.
    Besides the pain..the fatigue seems to be at its highest also at that time of day.

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    I find late afternoon is when I run out of steam, even on good days. I'm dreading being back at work and on my feet all day, my legs start to ache after around 20 mins!!

    So I have no suggestions for you mq I'm sorry, If you figure out something to help with stamina I'd love to hear about it myself!!

    Pam xx