Latest Dr./ Hospital Visit Last Night.

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    Hello all.

    I was in the hospital for 6 and 1/2 hours yesterday.

    My entire body was suffering yesterday. So much so I decided I couldn't take anymore and fortunately I got a squeeze in appointment with a Rheumotologist I hadn't seen since last July.

    All the extreme pain, soreness, weakness and exhaustion that these physical ailments just overwhelmed me. They were too much for me to bear . It had been months before I went to a doctor in a crisis like this.

    I also feel my central nervous system has been damaged too becuase there is always this accompanying, zapping, twinching and muscle tensing feeling all over. My bladder feels weird, my penis tingles, I get prickly feelings inside and out. I tremor. I feel so so cold ...then not long after too hot. My face skin feels sunburned warm but no fever. I'm slightly nauseous.

    I remember when I had a pinched nerve right behind my neck once. The pain from that was excrutiating. The pains I feel are like this and even in that same area again now as well as tendinitis and asthma and sinusitis and gastro pain at the same time.

    But the doctors don't want to believe this. They just want it to be from depression regardless of how many physical reasons I can show them that it is much more than that.

    The sedative Lorazepam does calm the anxiety a bit when my body goes into these pain and soreness and odd nerve attacks, but it doesn't effect the 6 or 7 major areas of pain and weakness that have been clearly diagnosed and are clinically proven with indisputable X-ray, MRI and blood test records.

    Earlier in the day I went to this Rheumy. He finished my visit by writing me a prescription for Zoloft. I refused it. I said I didn't come there because of depression. I came their because of pain, soreness, and these weird nerve system feelings.

    I then drove 30 miles back home and instead checked into our local hospital ER. After a 4 1/2 hour wait the nurse in the ER gave me an injection of something called delauden? (Maybe not the correct spelling)

    The minute this stuff hit my neck I screamed out and thrashed like a fish on the deck. That stuff made my brain feel like it was going to explode! Oh man, for 5 to 10 minutes I felt like I was being poisoned. Whew, had a world class head ache and felt nauseous all night and even this morning from that. That stuff makes you go in and out and dream crazy dreams every few seconds.

    That was their way to deal with the pain I was complaining about. Whew, you can keep this morphine type stuff. I'll take something milder next time thank you. But at least they believed me about my body pain and gave me something other than an anti-depressant.

    In regards to the constant over pushing of anti-depressants by doctors for physical ailments, even a psychiatrist will tell you that one's mental state does "not" bring on bronchial asthma, sinusitis, scarring in your lungs, torn rotator cuff, bulging, compressed discs - C-7, C-8, fractured vertebrae L-1 posterior, tendinitis, low B-12 and low testosterone, gatric reflux disease and so many other problems I have been diagnosed with and acquired all in just the last year.

    My muscles are so weak and joints so sore I can walk for maybe 10 mintues before I have to sit down and rest. Other physical work with arms etc. just leaves me moaning all night after. I cannot do even one push up. I can't get up from a full squat without holding and pulling up on something with my arms.

    And to think, 1 year ago I was "running" up and down 3 flights of stairs carrying up to 75 lbs of luggage!

    And my nerve system is haywire. I can't take temperature extremes. I shiver, shake, tremor. My insides feel haywire. Bladder gets urges then not. Penis tingles weirdly ( not saying that to be funny ) insides feel sore and sick so much. I get popping in my ears like 5 to 6 a second like when you drive up a mountain? I get popping in my shoulders same way. Weird "zap" type feeling going through my body at times. Prickly feelings all over at times.

    For me my experience with doctors in the last year has been like some sort of scary science fiction movie. Like the doctors aren't human and keep going back to a mind set and rational that seems crazy and illogical to me. Kind of like an old movie I saw once called "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers."

    Aliens had come down and taken over the bodies of warm friendly Americans in a small town and these warm peoples bodies became these cold, hard, weird illogical talking and repeating themselves zombies.

    Exaggerated I know, but a few times the conversations I have had with a few of these doctors made me wonder!

    I had a psychiatrist ( now he was a nice guy, older, was an internal medicine doctor at Johns Hopkins University for years prior to becoming a psychiatrist ) tell me that there are many ailments that cannot derive from ones mental state. They are physiologically induced only. You fall and break an arm, you catch a flu from your co-worker, your rotator cuff tears, your vertabrae fractures, you get asthma...scarring in your lungs...

    Most of my complaints have been about physiological damage to these areas...yet, somehow most doctors I have seen don't even talk about dealing with these other areas....all they do at the end of my visits is write me a prescription for Zoloft!

    Yesterday this Rhuemotologist did just that. I said "doc, this is an ant-depressant." He said "yes, it is." I said I just came in here telling you that all the different diagnosed physical areas of pain were just getting worse, and especially that compressed disc area. And that the pain after days of suffering finally makes me sick and anxious.

    I can get pain pills and sedatives from any nurses aid. What about dealing with what is making me feel so anxious...the pain? He said" I'm sorry you feel that way." He sent me to another doctor around the corner who didn't even take my insurance. But so many times after asking these doctors to help me deal with all my physical problems, they write a simple sedative one and shake your hand and say, "see you in two months."

    You stand there bewildered...and if you allow any frustration or disbelieve and even a little anger to come can see their expressions change " How do I get this nut out of my practice" My guess is, they do just what they and write a sedative prescription over and over and say " I'll see you in two months."

    In other words...keep frustrating this unwanted patient/person untill he just gives up and walks away.

    Even I and of course my wife have spent many parts of the last year trying to decide if I am as crazy as these doctors are inferring I am...or am I being treated incorrectly by them. I cannot say with 100% assuredness that they are totally wrong or I am totally right.

    But, I know what all the x-ray's show and MRI's and blood tests show...real physical damage...and for the life of taking anti-depressants ( tried Lexapro for 4 months ) I have not been able to improve those areas of illness and damage. Nor by thinking good thoughts, listening to nice soft music, humming a soothing tune or even taking sedatives until I zombie out.

    Just another day in the life.

    Guess that's why we all in the end go and try all these natural supplements. The doctor route just doesn't do it.
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    the medicine you got was probably Deladid (not sure of the spelling either)
    It is a narcotic pain reliever that is 10 times STRONGER than MORPHINE!!! It works great to take care of pain but can leave you really loopy too.
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    DRs don't know what to do with us or for us BUT they do not want to say so. I was really disappointed in my Neuro visit. What a waste of $30.

    Take care and try to get some rest
  4. joeb7th

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    Where would I find a doctor as you described? I have been asking for one for months on here. I live in Central California. What a relief it would be to find a doctor who doesn't treat me like I am crazy.

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