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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by azcrum, Feb 28, 2003.

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    I know some of you are familiar with my story and some aren't. In a nutshell, I keep getting denied for social security benefits despite all the excellent reasons I have for being on it. I talked to my lawyer yesterday and he said the only option you have left is to go to Federal court and sue them. I cannot refile because of my insurance date expired in Dec of 2001. That is confusing to me. He warned me and said this is very time consuming on his part and make sure you really want to keep going on this. It could take up to 2 years before it's done. He also said I have a very good case and he is sure he can get the decision reversed. He said I wouldn't be taking all this work on if I didn't have faith. So, here I am waiting again. I just have to be patient. Also, I read the post posted by Louguins6 Heres what I did to get disability.....I printed it out and am getting the book she referred to in her post. She was really helpful and all of your posts made me feel alot better. It gave me some hope, which is what I haven't seen in a long time. Will keep you updated.
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    If you have been diagnosed as having Epstein Barr virus then they have to approve your disability. My lawyer pointed this out to me. SHe actually showed me the disability by-laws and under such and such a number it said that if a person tested positive for epstein barr then that was enough for disability approval.......of course there are other things that will get you approved but at my hearing she specifically pointed this out to the judge so that he would be more likely to approve. That was in 1997.

    Were you tested for Epstein Barr?
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    No, I have never been tested for Epstein Barr. What are the symptons?
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    depressed? Do you suffer from anxiety, IBS, sleep anomoly, attorney said that if i didn't get my SSD for FM, go for Depression, since I'm being treated for that too!
    Love, ~B~
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    You know what? I do suffer from Depression. I do have anxiety attacks and for about the last month, haven't been able to sleep all night thru. Thanks for the info. Every little bit counts.