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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by petfriend, Jul 31, 2003.

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    Hi - I went to see my GP yesterday to get the results of my tests and she says there are still a couple of results to come in yet, but is still fighting me on the Fibromyalgia. Seems to be leaning to Lupis now. She says she will send me back to the Rheumatolagist after she gets the results.
    She increased the dosage of amtryphaline from 10mg to 20mg and wants me to increase it by 10mg per week until I'm up to 50mg. Don't know how I'll do with that because I took 20mg last night and sure feel dopey today. I slept better and only woke up once, but it hasn't done anything for the pain and it seems to be increasing by the day. I'm SO sore in the mornings and have to drag myself into a hot tub just to get going and then take pain pills. I'm taking acetaminophen (reg. strength with coedine) 4 at a time every four hours just to keep the pain at bay and walking is getting harder and harder and I get terrible shooting pains in the knees and calf muscles and my ankles and feet hurt and now it seems to be affecting my shoulders and the muncles in the upper arms. I'm also getting headaches (mild ones, but most of the time) and my eyes are dry and red. Not fun, that's for sure.
    I've been getting so many opinions and some people are talking about some natural cures also. A neighbour gave me a book to read, but haven't had time yet.
    I have given notice to quit my job and have given them a deadline of the end of October to find someone to replace me. Hopefully, they can make a decision in September and I can train the new person in October. I may not be able to hold out that long, but at least my husband is home and can help me by doing the running.
    I manage a huge four building apartment complex with a pool and you can well imagine, there is a lot of running around. Have had to depend on my co-workers and husband to go to the different buildings to show suites, do check-ins and outs and maintenance and I feel better that I've given notice because I've felt it's unfair to them to have to take up the slack for what I can't do.
    Anyway, enough of this book for now.
    Thanks for listening. Helps just to get it out.
    Hope you are all doing well.
    Keep up the fight and we are lucky to have this site to come to and talk.
    Irene (Petfriend)