Latex Allergies???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Xavier, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. Xavier

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    I was just wondering if any of you allergy sufferers are allergic to latex??? If so, what kind of reaction do you get from it? Thanks
  2. allhart

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    im allergic to latex when i touch it anywhere i get hives on the roof of my mouth its horrible,i also get a rash where i came into contact with it,
  3. allhart

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    bump back up to the top,im realy curiouse about this one
  4. j9miller

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    I am allergic to latex as well. I also have a history of anaphylactic shock so medical persons are very careful with me. Before surgery the room must be clear of all latex and cleaned thouroughly. I am usually the first surgery of the day to avoid exposure. We lost a nurse from our church from latex reaction. She died before anyone really knew what was happening and she was in the hospital. She was assisting in surgery, got faint, left the room, passed out and died. It is said that the more a person is exposed to latex the higher the chance of allergic reaction to it.Medical persons are at a high risk.
    I remember after my last surgery that when it was time for my meds, the on duty nurse made a rude comment to me that "oh, your the one I have to go down and get a special vile for". In my opinion latex should be removed from ALL things if possible ...

  5. 2BPainfree

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    I used to laugh about the sinus problems I would get everytime I went to work...(I'm an RN and used to work acute care)

    But it soon began to get serious...if I had a cut on my hand, it would swell when the glove came in contact. I started wheezing and if I touched my eyes they would get so itchy, they would swell closed.

    One day when I was trying to entertain my son in the pediatricians office I blew up a rubber glove into a baloon for fun...NOT FUN....within minutes...I was wheezing terribly and my eyes started to swell. The Doc came in and said right away, your alergic to latex huh?

    I had always thought it was just the powder on the gloves (which by the way, hospitals are now mandated to use ONLY powder-free gloves) But in a recent NRSG journal I read the powder is actually carrying the latex protein. So I guess I can say I am officially allergic to latex. Can't even get near Balloons.

    CAUTION: I have noticed recently when out to resteraunts or with fast food, I will occasionally begin to wheeze and itch...I'm sure it's because the workers are using powdered gloves, but what do you do???

    Sorry that was so long!

    Susan B.
  6. SCARLETT415

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    My daughter does and she has been a Respiratory Therapist for 11 years. About 5 years ago, out of the blue, a patient was coding in ICU where she works and they had to immediately cut him open. Well, someone opened a fresh box of latex gloves and powder went flying and she couldn't get her breath and passed out. To make the story short, she was diagnosed with latex allergy and has to wear a med alert bracelet. Fortunately, the hospital was in the process of converting to non latex anyways because of the increase of allergic response in by the medical profession. She was told at the time that if she were ever in an accident and unconscious, she would die before she ever got to an ER, just from the rescue efforts if latex was used. Even in IV drips, ect. She cannot be in a room with latex balloons if it is someone's birthday. This all occured after she went into the medical profession and had so much exposure.

  7. ruby7

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    me too, I get hives & red welts & wheeze. I use to work houskeeping at a hospital plus have had quite a few surgerys. Now I work at a school & I am around rubber balls wrestling mats ect. which gives me sinus problems & wheezing.