Laughed myself silly -FUNNY problems with translation...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. victoria

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    I laughed myself silly viewing these photos & comments - you might want to check out the whole blog, it's all pretty funny:

    & there's more at the site where the "translation problems" came from:

  2. rockgor

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    Velee funny. Make you raff.

    Somebody posted this after visiting a Tokyo elevator.

    "Press this button in case anything happen."

    I used to work in Los Angeles's Little Tokyo. Never saw any
    funny signs there. But there was a kosher burrito stand. Sold
    pastrami in a tortilla. Not too bad.

  3. Gingareeree

    Gingareeree New Member

    called The Coal Mine Dragon(named after the street it was situated on). We we first ate there,my husband and I noticed the name of the resturant as printed on the menus read:"The CORA Mine Dragon". We figured the owners must have called in the printing orders for the menus....we still laugh about that to this day!~~~Jeanne
  4. fight4acure

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    Cute! But you want to know what's even more funny? The picture in my mind of how I would try at any attempt to say any of the words of a foreign language other than French or Spanish. I'm like 90% German, and my grandmother spoke German as a young gal, but I never learned to speak it, and I have tried. I could probably learn any language easier than the German language.

    Fight :)
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    same here. My grandmother was from Germany, came when she was 8. She could never of course pronounce the V in my name ;) I think that was mean of my parents. but it took them a month after I was prematurely born to even decide on one.

    My whole family was German, they still spoke it up til around when I was born... all my first & 2nd cousins (all 12-20 years older than me (I was truly the baby of the family), had all learned German so they COULD understand what their elders didn't want them to hear, LOL.

    I had no incentive, too many of the elders had died off by the time I was consciously aware of such things.

    Which is why I took Spanish in HS jijijijijiji...........