Laughing our way back to health

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smilemona, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. smilemona

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    Looking for a good laugh...and a book about a doctor who pays attention to his patients?

    Check out Patch Adams' books: House Calls (full of comics and great ideas to keep us smiling as patients or visitors to patients) and Gezundheit! (his life story as a doctor and his dream of creating the world's first Funny Hospital!)

    I found them both fun and inspiring. :)

    I also got a chance to see Patch Adams speak in person and it was such a treat!

    Happy giggling to all!

  2. victoria

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    I haven't read Adams' books, but have you seen where they have 'laughter therapy'? Started in China, I think --
    now it's done elsewhere as well.

    saw a news clip where people would gather at a certain time in the park, and they would just start laughing on purpose for the health benefits .... it apparently is infectious -- once a few start laughing, everyone does (maybe like yawning?).

    Too bad we couldn't organize something like that over the computer chat-rooms -- if only they had sound! I wonder if we all had mini-cams attached, if visuals would help?

  3. smilemona

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    I recently read about something like that in Health magazine.

    A small group of adults would get together in a Laughing Club (this one was in Northern California) and do silly things like wear big hats, make funny sounds, and do *crazy* things that make each other laugh -- like cluck like chickens in parking lots!

    Sounds awesome to me. And, BTW -- if you don't get around to reading the Patch Adams books, maybe you can check out the movie Patch Adams. Robin Williams plays Patch. :)