LAUGHTER as contagious as YAWNING????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by victoria, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I think laughing is *almost* as contagious as yawning.

    yes... YAWNING! (sorry if I made you yawn, hehehehe...)

    WATCH THIS and find out:

    I always wanted to join this kind of group...

    In China, groups meet in some parks just for this reason
    -- and start out this way!

    I'm keeping this link for the days I'm feeling 'off' for any reason!


    PS: and if that video doesn't do it for you, try this one:

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  2. jole

    jole Member

    Sorry :( I haven't looked at it yet, but will. But it made me think of the time when our son was about a year old. We were in a cafe eating and he got tickled about something. He definitely had a contagious little laugh...and couldn't stop! Before we knew it, almost everyone in there was laughing with him. Was sooo cute, 'cause none of us knew what started it off to begin with :) It can sure make a lot of people's day a little bit brighter.........

    BILLCAMO New Member

    Yes it can be so...... and/or more.....

    BUT (In a way , I guess I'm showing my but....... ;>0 ) Now , all smile !

    Laughter is much more fun and enjoyable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL :>)

    Blessings ,


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