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    I hope that you are doing somewhat better. I know that you have a lot to deal with and that things were not going very well for you the last time we talked. I have been praying that God would provide your needs and do believe He will answer that request in His time.

    Have you been able to decorate the tree and have at least some spirit of Christmas for your little one? The best thing about younger children is that even a small gift seems like a million dollars to them. Hopefully you were able to get him a little something for under the tree. I do realize that times are very, very tough for you. I hope that you will at least be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus with your family.

    Merry Christmas and love and prayers to you and your family,

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    Just a short note to say that I hope you and your entire family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS remembering the real reason for this season! The birth of Jesus, or Savior!!!!
    I know this year is hard for your family as well as ours, but when we realize the real reason for Christmas, it makes it seem a whole lot better to me. Just being with my family makes things a whole lot better. So just hope you have an enjoyable time spending with your family and give them all extra hugs and kisses!!!!!

    Christmas Love to All!
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    life just seems like a giant carnival ride right now.I wish i had better news, i am trying to get in the spirit and i know it isnt about the presents but.....I hope yall have a great day and a merry christmas to you both, sure wish i had gotten to meet you! Laura
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    Dear Laura, wish I could have met with you also but maybe we can do it sometime in the future. I hope that things get straightened out for you.

    You and your family are in my prayers,

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    Hey cheryl thanks you for the constant contact and i am sorry i have been so absent.A couple of good things have happened,while they won't get us out of this mess we are in they are blessings and i am grateful. An old client of mine that flew into Athens Saturday came to get her haircolored and thought i looked terrible, which is true but i have known her along time and i could be upfront with her. She has ra too and went through some pretty tough times also. When she went to pay me for the color she handed me a second check for 500.00, i sobbed in her arms, i got christmas dinner and a few very small gifts for my children it was as if Santa had come to my house!!!I can pay that horrible water bill and thats about it but i didnt have that 2 days ago.I was on my knees the day before asking (which i do not do) for a miracle. My parents have been crying for days because we can't see them so if my husband gets paid anything today we are gonna load up and drive to Alabama tomorrow, they haven't seen my son in a year and a half, he's 3 so thats along time, i pray we can go to get a hug from my mom would be the beat gift in the world.So that is enough rambling, i really hope we can meet up i wouldn't mind a hug from you either!!! Have a wonderful Christmas, i am going to try to go to a midnight service tonight i need that so badly. Joy to you and yours Laura
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    Dear Laura,

    I am so glad that you received your Christmas Miracle. I told you it would happen!!! God is so good to us!!! I am so thankful that you had this precious woman to help you out. I know it is not enough to get you through all of your money problems but at least it got you through Christmas!!! I will pray that God will continue to provide for you and that He will help you get through this.

    Praise His name that he came through for you. I hope that it at least allowed you a little peace for Christmas. I hope that you get to see your mother also. That is just what you need. There is nothing like a mother's love to help get you through tough times.

    We will meet one of these days, in God's time.

    Love and Merry Christmas to you and your family,

  7. cheryl888881

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    Dear Laura, I hope that you and your family had a good Christmas in spite of it all. Did you get to go and see your mom? I hope so.

    Let me know how you area doing.