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    laura, hi,
    i wanted to post this to you separately so you'd have a better chance of seeing it.

    Wow, that's a loaded question. It's been 3 or 4 year since i treated with him. not sure i can even remember everything but will start at the top of my head and work down, hopefully that will trigger my memory.

    most significant, constant flu-like, achy, toxic feeling, lasting 20 years, gone

    horrible vertigo, lasting 4-6 weeks several times a year, for 10 years, completely gone

    headaches, after 25 years of them, gone, mostly

    chronic sinusitus requiring monthly antibiotics, not one infection since treatment with him

    vaginal yeast infections, not one since treating with him

    swollen tongue, normal size in 2 days

    earaches, constant for years, only mild aching couple times a year now

    metalic taste in mouth for years, gone

    GERD and ulcer - gone, I can eat a wheelbarrow of jalapenos and curry if i want, and i did yesterday and today :0

    The things that i couldn't improve, were, weakness, pain, tackycardia. i still use tenormin, although at a lower dose. i later improved on that list and improved my brain fog and disorientation at least 75%.

    Now, you're going to want to know what he treated me with. i will try to remember, but will surely miss somethings. This list was based on results of EXTENSIVE testing, for many things; oxidative stress, cellular energy profile, amino acid profile, intestinal stuff, mitochondrial funciton, allergy tsting, candida testing. The following list may not be complete, but should include most.

    Vit A = 25,000
    MVM - a multi vitamin mineral combo -3 times a day
    a mineral combination - 2 times a day
    Antiox - an antioxidant combination from Tyson
    Vit E - 400 mg. 2 or 3 times a day
    Chromemate - a particular form of chromium
    Turmeric - the herb, not the spice, to treat my Epstein Barr Virus. i also had a friend give it to her son to cure his foot warts, and they were gone in less than a week!
    Magnesium Glycinate - 400 mg. 2 or 3 times a day
    CoQ10 - 100 mg. 3 times a day- mitochondrial defects
    malic acid - 1000 mg. 3 times a day - mitochondrial defects
    NADH - 10 mg. in morning - i usually took 20 mg- mitochondria defects
    MSM - 1000 mg. 3 times a day
    Vit. B complex - 3 times a day
    Vit C - 1000 mg. 3 times a day
    P5P = an activated form of B=6 as he determined i couldnot convert
    Fish oil - 3 times a day
    Transfer Factors - 2 or 3 times a day
    Aminotate - a particular amino acid combination by Tyson
    ImmunePro - undenatured whey, used to boost Glutathione
    Theradophilus - probiotics - 3 times a day
    FOS - a carbohydrate which feeds the probiotic
    ALA - Alpha lipoic acid - 100 mg 3 times a day
    L-Tryptophan - amino acid to raise seratonin levels, helps with sleep and pain

    i committed to this for 6 months. When i couldn't improve my weakness, he wanted me to start Chelation. i continued with most of my supplements, but stopped consulting with him, and began to persue chelation. Chelation and i do nOT get along. i was never able to get enough session in to do enough for me. had maybe 3 or 4 chelation treatments.

    i have also added a few more amino acid to my regimen. They are ;
    dl-phenylalanine - amino acid, for pain, helps body make dopamine, stops my tremors, takes care of daytime sleepiness.
    l-tyrosine - amino aicd, for pain,helps body make dopamine, produce thyroid hormone, takes care of daytime sleepiness.

    i don't mind answering any questions anyone may have.