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    Honey it's no big deal at all! Don't worry about it! I am totally not offended and I am sorry if my post sounded short! I can see where you would be disappointed. Are there two Drs at the Dallas FFC???? Can you request the other one?? Also could you call home office and let them know you are unhappy with your expereience?? They should know if the have a bad apple!!

    We are all in this together and we need to be cheerleader for each other! The important thing is we get better no matter which road we choose to take. you are a really sweet lady and I enjoy your posts!

    Take Care Lynn

    PS Just read your profile! My FM started with pregnancy and cracked ribs. Which led me into my current problems. Grant is almost 4 now and worth everything I have been through! We have something in common! L

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    You are a sweetheart....Thanks for this post.
    I know that I could see another doctor at the FFC, but I decided to see the Neurologist that my sister works closely with. He sees patients referred by other Neurologists, so I decided I will stick with his protocol for at least six months.

    My feet have been so bad, been homebound for the past six weeks.

    I started taking a micro-dose of natural cortisol since Monday, and the pain is not quite as bad!

    I think you said they ordered that for you? Let me know how you do with that.

    I love this board and have had such support and encouragement from you and many others!!

    Take care,

  3. ldbgcoleman

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    I am so glad you saw my post! I want to be supportive of you! Ihave no idea if the cortisol is working as I am taking so much!! I have been retested for some things and I think they are gonna retest me again at the beginning of Jan. The first thing I tried for the cortisol was licorice for a natural remedy. That didn't change my adrenals at all. When I was retested the result was exactly the same so now I am trying the cortisol.

    please keep updating on your results and good luck! lynn

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