Lauricidin - anyone had success on it ?

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  1. deepak

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    Anyone here had good results with Lauricidin ? I am taking it for my positive EBV test and whatever else I may have but dont know.

    I am having 3 scoops a day and it does give me a herx - or atleast thats what I think it is !

    My thighs, legs and feet get warm and very painful, esp if I am sitting in the same position for some time.

    Lately I have also been getting heart palpitations/skipped beats - on one site on herxing I read some people report these as symptoms of herx.......anyone else here experienced these ?

    With love to all,
  2. Nanie46

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    Hi deepak,

    I tried Lauricidin also. I did the 3 scoops and the only thing I noticed was that my lips became so incredibly chapped and peeling that I eventually discontinued it.

    I do hope you have success with it.
  3. Forebearance

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    Hi again,

    It works really well on me. It is very strong for me, so I can only take one pearl every other day.

    If I take more, it makes me feel better but then it causes my inflammation to get out of control. I was living in an apartment with a mold problem and I took five or six pearls a day to get over the swine flu. I got better from the flu, but then the increased inflammation from killing things gave me a pounding heart and insomnia. I didn't sleep for two weeks, and then I moved out of there.

    So basically, I can only handle killing things at a slow pace.

    if I forget to take it, I notice that I feel worse.


    P.S. Like all coconut products, it is supposed to be good for the thyroid. It did give my thyroid function a boost when I took more of it. Could that explain your heart symptoms? I think I would suggest taking less.
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  4. deepak

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    Thanks nanie for the good wishes.

    Forbearance - wow , so you also had palpitations from this !! Was it just a pounding heart or skipped beats too ?

    When you say inflammation, can you please elaborate. My legs have become so painful - both my legs and feet - painful and feet become hot.....I think this has happened after i started the lauricidin and seems to be a herx ? But i am going to stop it for a few days and see if I feel better./

  5. Forebearance

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    Hi Deepak,

    I guess I blamed the Lauricidin for making me more sensitive, and I blamed the apartment for causing my heart to pound. It was just a fast, strong beat, no skipped beats.

    I think if I were taking the Lauricidin in a pristine place, I wouldn't have this effect. In fact, I was able to take more of it when I was camping this summer.

    Inflammation seems to show up in different ways for different people. It's like it picks on your inherent weak spots. For me it definitely includes pain, in my whole body and especially in my internal organs. I've heard other people talk about leg and foot pain a lot. It seems like it can cause the whole range of CFS symptoms.

    My goal in taking Lauricidin is to find a dose that makes me feel better without causing inflammation. If you can find the right amount it will be helpful without causing bad side effects. That's why I like my one pearl every other day dose!

    Also, I find that taking some mushroom extract with the Lauricidin keeps my inflammation down. My doctor says that mushroom extract should do the opposite, but it doesn't for me!

    I hope you can figure out a good dose for you.