Law of Attraction and The Cashier's Till

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jul 16, 2008.

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    Most of y'all know that I'm a big fan of the book, "The Secret" and the idea of the Law of Attraction. We discussed it on the other board but it caused such an uproar that I don't discuss it there any more. In fact, I visit and post less and less over there because there seems to be less tolerance there than here for ideas which may not fit everybody's views. I like the group here and our ability to discuss things with respect. But, I digress...

    Anyone who cashiers knows how hard it is to keep five-dollar bills in the till. They seem to be given out the most in change, after ones. We only get five of the five-dollar bills and we get fifty ones. I was always having to send a bagger to buy more fives for me. When someone would give me a five for his or her purchases, I would get a bit excited and bless them for the five. I usually say, "Bless your little heart; I love getting fives." I wasn't trying to even invoke the Law of Attraction at that time. Well, lo and behold, it wasn't long before the fives came rolling in.

    Now, strange as this seems, shoppers do have their favorite cashiers and will look for them when they shop. I call them our fan clubs. My regulars know I love the fives and they will actually bring fives to me now. Still, I can't attribute the abundance of fives just to my regulars. Ever since I started blessing people for the fives, they have increased way beyond any reasonable explanation. When I close now, my drawer is bulging with fives. I often sell them to fellow cashiers just before turning in my till.

    I have told the story of my slow-flushing toilet here before but I'll repeat it for anyone interested. I had a slow flusher. Sometimes, it was slow and sometimes it wasn't and it didn't seem to depend on what was in the toilet. I tried everything from the plunger to chemicals to get it working. Then, I decided to try out the Law of Attraction. Every time the toilet flushed as it should, I would make a big deal out of it by pumping my arm and yelling, "Yes!" I should mention that I live alone so I'm free to display such craziness without being judged. It wasn't long before the toilet stopped flushing slowly and started working just fine. I still get excited because I don't think one can continue the success without the excitement.

    Soooo, with these two successful attempts to utilize the Law of Attraction, I am trying to find a way to apply it to more abundance. I've been told three times by two psychics that I will have a windfall later in life. Well, it later and I'm ready for my windfall. One psychic gave me my own affirmation for abundance and I am going to start saying it as often as I can. I'll let y'all know if it arrives.

    Anyone else had success with using the Law of Attraction or the ideas in the book?

    Love, Mikie
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    I Havn't Read the book,,,,But am now very Fascinated by your descriptions of what The Law of Attraction can do for a person!,,,,,Love the $5,,bill thing!,,,,,Latley i've been on the kick of the power of positive thinking and the powerful affect it can have on your self esteem and your life as a whole!,,,,,,

    Insted of saying to myself ,,(as i usually do) ,,,,your disabled and none will want you in their life as a Partner,,,,etc,,,etc,,,Now i say to myself,,,,(You are a wonderful and a beautiful person who deserves to be loved and taken care of by someone who loves you) ,,,,,

    Hope it works! and i hope you get that windfall! Yea! for the flushing problem going away!,,,,,,,,anyway i'm going to find this book,,,HUgs!,,,,,Sis
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    never heard of this but sounds like something I might try.

    I was told when I was 23, living in Vancouver, that I would 'come into money' but she couldn't say whether I'd be young or old.......I'm still waiting like you and I still think I'll get it.

  4. Mikie

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    "The Secret" has been a best seller and very controversial over the last couple of years. It really is just "the power of positive thinking" repackaged for New Agers with a quantum physics twist. Studying quantum physics was a hobby of mine (I'm a closet nerd :) so the book appealed to me on several levels. Research is beginning to indicate that we actually can affect the physical world with our thoughts.

    Sis, I'm glad you are talking positively to yourself. Affirmations like that can actually cause you to draw more positive things to yourself and feel better about yourself. The better you feel about yourself, the more you attract. You deserve only the best!

    Rosie, I hope your windfall is on its way too. As I mentioned to Sis, you also deserve only the best.

    I was just about ready to stop on my computer to go meditate and pray. My Mom's best friend just called me from Maine, where she now lives, to tell me that her son had died. My heart is breaking for her so I want to go say a prayer.

    Thanks for your responses.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sisland

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    Oh Thanks!,,,i've been wanting to talk to you about a few things,,,but will wait for a more appropriate time now!,,,,,,Hugs!,,,Sis
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    I'm a HUGE believer in the Law of Attraction. There could be a huge discussion on how or why I believe it works - but to get to the point or question at hand....

    Years ago, my husband and I moved with my then 2 1/2 yr old son across country. We had nothing except 26 boxes. We sold everything and soon depleted our savings. My sister was a realtor at the time and I remember walking through one of her model homes with my Mom. I walked down the stairs of this gorgeous home and said "Someday I WILL have a home like this" I didn't just say it, I really truly believed it. Hard to explain, but the feeling in my heart was so strong. Now mind you, we were struggling. My husband had been laid off right before Christmas with 3.81 cents in our checking account and nothing in savings.
    Sometime after that, I pulled up next to a woman at a stoplight..she had her hair done, nails, a cell phone in her hand, a briefcase on her front seat, two boys in her back seat, driving a gorgeous shiny black car. OH, I thought - that is going to be me someday.

    Again - hard to explain - but I believed it.
    I have a beautiful home, I drive my shiny black car (albeit used), I have two beautiful sons...we came out of the tough spot we were in. I knew we could..I knew we would because I believed it. Everything we did, every step we took, every decision we made, was to head in that direction.

    Please do not mistake this for being materialistic-I am the farthest thing from it.
    I know who to surround myself with - I know that positive thinking DOES work - I know that smiling, the simple act of smiling really does make you feel better. It makes you act different, speak different, be viewed differently.

    I'm a believer!!!
  7. Mikie

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    Sis, I look forward to your post. I love talking about the book and the Law of Attraction (or Power of Positive Thinking).

    Janalyn, thank you so very much for your own story. Wanting nice things isn't the same as being too materialistic. As I understand it, there is abundance in the Universe that we can draw. There is no scarcity. In other words, if I get abundance, it doesn't come at the expense of someone else. It's just mine. Scarcity is something invented by humans and it makes us feel guilty to want more in our lives. In fact, when we get more, we usually share our abundance with others. We may actually be the means by which others are attracting abundance. God does work in mysterious ways. I am so happy things turned out well for you and so glad you shared your story with us.

    BTW, one misconception which causes controversy over this whole idea is that people believe it blames them if their lives aren't going well. Nothing is further from the truth. Seemingly bad things happen to us all. We aren't responsible for them but we are responsible for how we play the hand that is dealt. When things weren't going well, you kept the faith and that probably made all the difference in how you turned things around.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Marta608

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    Yes, I completely believe in it and feel that it's in no way opposed to faith in God. To me, God is Universal Attraction and Love.

    I also know without a shadow of a doubt that we also bring negatives into our lives. How many people do you know who say a version of "Well, with my luck (no good will happen)". And it doesn't! We need to look forward to the good stuff and it will come. Not, as you say, Mikie, that we'll never have any challenges (just look at us!) but it's all in how you view it. In every challenge comes a blessing.

    I suppose this will get me in trouble with someone, so let me say now that I bless you and wish you nothing but joy. That way I won't have to come back and get negative defending myself. lol

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  9. Mikie

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    Thanks for your lovely post. I post very little on the other board because there are some who seem to take delight in attacking some of my ideas. It doesn't bother me but I'd just as soon avoid the negativity. I think being positive entails avoiding negative things when we can. I am convinced that negativity can attach itself to us and invite more negativity. I use some rituals and lots of prayer when that happens.

    I wish you joy, happiness, and prosperity. Thanks for your response. BTW, I left the job this morning with my till overflowing with fives :)

    Love, Mikie
  10. 4everkid

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    Mikie & all,
    I am both intrigued by this concept, and skeptical. I am always open to new ideas and discoveries, but need to experience it myself to be 100% convinced. But one general belief that I have, is that as smart as we, the race of humans, think we are... we still don't know and understand EVERYTHING. And some things, we are simply incapable of comprehending.

    It seems that in recent years people are beginning to evolve to a new level of awareness for things that are, as of yet, not fully explained. We are beginning to realize that not everything can be explained by science. And it's quite possible that a lot of what we think we understand is wrong. I'm sure those flat Earth believers felt pretty stupid when the first circumnavigator sailed off into the east and returned from the west.

    I don't expect my cat to work the remote for me, even though he is physically capable of it. He just isn't smart enough to understand. There could however, be a few cats out there somewhere who DO use the remote, and even get that it changes what's on the tv screen.

    Likewise, many humans don't believe in the unexplained, the ethereal, the spiritual, the paranormal, or the intangible, because they just don't get it. Everyone has the capability to understand... a sixth sense - but most don't know how to use it. Still others don't know how to remain open and aware enough to experience these mystical and seemingly magical events. Most of us are third-eye-blind and perceptually challenged.

    However, like the handful of channel surfing cats in the world, there are a few humans who ARE able to perceive the universe around them with a greater understanding. They should consider themselves lucky to have evolved to the level capable of such awareness. They have tapped into that unused part of the brain that the rest of humanity has let grow dormant and dusty.

    It just so happens I have one of those slow-flushing toilets that likes to swirl but not swallow. Maybe it needs a little ego-boosting. I will remain positive from now on while I gaze into the watery vortex, and see how it spins out.

    It's hard to believe that life could be as simple as remaining positive and expecting only the best, to achieve positive results. Faith, trust and love - whoda thunk it really was all we needed, all along?
  11. findmind

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    You saying we are responsible for the hand we are dealt latched on to my whole way of living since I was twenty years old (over 40 years ago!).

    I have had a tumultous but wonderful life; many ups and downs, and now, because of the way I looked at life (always going in a new direction or a positive one, knowing that it's not the past that is important, but how we think or deal with it.

    I just had to let go of a friend of 12 years because her negativity was giving me too much stress. I will miss her terribly, but know that I needed to do that for my own positive sake.

    I live a life of abundance now even tho' I was so poor for the years of my 20s and 30s. I have moved 45 times and next year will move again. I have all I need and more, and am able to give it away to others less fortunate than I. It always comes back to me in some way, even greater than what I gave away.

    I have not read the book; I have lived it unconsciously I guess.

    Great discussion...thanks..oh, did you see my post about you going away, maybe?

    Hugs galore,
  12. Mikie

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    Thanks for the responses.

    4everkid, I'm laughing about the channel-surfing cat. We once had a cat that, I swear, could go through walls to go outside and come back in. I'm not the only one who has had such cats. I'm also laughing about staring in the vortex.

    Findmind, yes, I did see your response. Thank you. I am going to miss everyone on an almost-daily basis but I'll still be here when I can. I'm not quite ready to give up my conputer access just yet.

    One thing I have come to believe is that the Universe loves joy. It seems to stimulate the Law of Attraction. I think that's why the toilet responded so well. I got soooo excited and danced around and pumped my arm when it did what I wanted. When it was still slow, I flushed again and paid no attention until it flushed like it is supposed to. Talk about toilet training!

    When my customers give my fives, I smile at them and happily bless them for bringing them. Joy is contageous and the customers seem to delight in it. The Universe, like God, moves in mysterious ways.

    I try to be joyous every day and very grateful for all the abundance in my life. I'm doing a few things to stop the outflow of some cash for things I no longer need but I continue to be generous where I can. It is vital that there is give and take with abundance. A scarcity mindset is not harmonious with an abundant life. I feel very blessed and that I have more than I need. Right now, I'm restructing how I get my TV, computer, and phone service to make it more efficient and cost effective and remove the TV as the center of my life.

    Thanks for your personal stories, everyone and thanks for your interest.

    Love, Mikie