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  1. Kay2

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    After a long time waiting, I finally got my date to go infront of the judge. I go May 6th. Now I will be really stressing. Said it will only take about half an hour. Any info on what to expect is greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Linda
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  2. Mikie

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    Mine was scheduled for Dec 9th but cancelled when the judge took early retirement. SS still hasn't rescheduled it. I guess they think because benefits are retro that we can wait forever. Geez, hell is gonna freeze over before I get my hearing.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
  3. IntuneJune

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    In the meantime, What do people do who are waiting for rescheduling or scheduling, can they "work" for income while waiting, and if you cannot work???? Well,the weather lately has been very unusal, maybe hell will freeze over. Fondly, June
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  4. Mikie

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    If you do try to work, you lose your case. Have they got this farce figured out or what? There is more heartache, financial ruin, mental stress and other problems than most people will ever know because of this horrible situation.

    Love, Mikie
  5. Bellesmom

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    a similar diagnosis and will fight out in the open for all of us. That is why we need to keep fighting even if most of us don't know how. I know I sound every now and then like I'm giving up but I'm really not.

    I just feel so bad for the ones who never get heard and who have no help and who have no place to live and on and on. Just because we don't hear from them doesn't mean they're all dead yet.

    Are we supposed to find out right after signing up to keep going what our date will be before an administrative law judge or do they just let you know all of a sudden? I kind of thought after my "atty" contacted them they would let him know and I could then at least be aware. I do know it's about a year from time you appeal (?) - at least that's what I was told by atty.

  6. Bambi

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    and from some friends who finally got it. Three
    months before my friend died they turned her
    down saying she could lift 40 pounds~! She couldn't lift her feet high enough to keep from
    falling if she went from carpeting to the tile
    in her kitchen! We all need to write to the
    Senators and Congressmen/women~they make the laws and they will do us more good than Oprah
    ever could. I write them ALL at least once a
    month..I've missed one month in two it's not an easy thing. But if everyone with these DD's would write often eventually they
    would listen. The SSD people should have a set
    timeline, and a reasonable one, during which time they MUST settle your case. And it should
    be one turn down and then the last hearing. A person should be able to reapply immediately if
    turned down..they'd get sick of seeing people and give it to them maybe. They need to have a
    set standard for refusal and not have it at the
    whim of the judge you get. Well I won't go on and on, but maybe you would like to write them.
    It would be worth going to all the chat rooms
    and support boards to gather others to do it also. They still aren't opening their mail since
    the white powder scare, but their helpers do. Send some pictures of yourself before and after
    if you can. I'm sorry this is so long and I'm sorry it's off subject also. Hugs, Bambi