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  1. beccanrobg

    beccanrobg Member

    I sometimes feel very lazy. I don't know if I have just become complacent due to the Fibrocrap or if it is just a necessary evil.

    I used to be on top of my house and my work. Now I just kind of plod through. Most of the time is due to a weariness and a difficulty in concentrating. But I sometimes think I'm just using Fibro as an excuse.

    But then I try to go on a marathon cleaning spree for a week or so and then back to letting things go. Anyone else struggle with labeling themselves - bad enough getting it from friends and family!

    Today is a bad "noise" day and I am working at home on phones today. Lucky tho that I can work from home. I keep my lights off and can at least keep background noises down.

    Hope all is well with my fibro peers today.
  2. FaithHopeCure

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    Ummm, I have experienced that before. I will be having a hard time with a flare up and then I will rest a lot until it passes. Then I start to get the "blahs" because I am so sedentary. My mood gets low and I start to wonder if it's time to get up and going.

    I will get outside and go for a short walk which gives me an indicator whether I have have pushed myself too much or if the walk gives me a boost then I know that it's time to pick up the pace and get back to my daily routine.

    Sometimes it is good to be lazy! And sometimes too much resting causes our minds and bodies to get into a rut. Don't let family/friends make you feel bad for having a few lazy days . We all need that Hope that helps!
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  3. lvjesus

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    I think what you MIGHT be talking about is what I sometimes think too. I wonder too at times if I am using fibro as an excuse. Let me try to explain with my little internal dialog:

    Me: Maybe I'm not doing housework because I don't FEEL like. Maybe I COULD do it but I'd just rather hang out on the couch. Maybe this tired feeling is just normal.

    However, then I will get one of those rare days when I feel like a normal person and realize that what I was CONSIDERING to MAYBE be normal energy is so far from that it's like night and day.

    and as a side note, when I feel normal, I work all day doing housework or shopping or whatever. We just forget what normal is and start to wonder if we are exaggerating. NOT!!!
  4. MicheleK

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    This is perfectly normal for both FM and CFS patients. The illnesses affect our motivation centers.

    You didn't say how long you've had FM. I would be curious to know that. The fact that you have good days and the "real you" with your "normal" motivations are there is letting you know it's most likely the disease blunting your feelings of motivation. I am the same way. When good days come, I am totally like my real self. It's mind boggling sometimes. Night and day.

    Having these illnesses means that sometimes we do have to push ourselves IF we feel our body can physically do something on a certain day, but our motivation is not there. I call those blur days. Everything is just a blur and I have to make myself focus in on at least something.

    TV and computers are big motivation suckers. If you have a day where you feel your body may be able to accomplish even a small amount of tasks, DON'T TURN ON THE TV OR COMPUTER until after you've done those things. It is too easy to just veg out.

    But please don't feel bad about days where there is no motivation. Even if those days go on for weeks. It could be your brain trying to numb you out so you will rest. In the end we are the only ones who can tell the difference of when we can do something and when it would be unwise. We need to listen to our bodies. When your body gets up and says "let's do this, and this , and this, and this", do half and know that is enough.

  5. beccanrobg

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    I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998. Went through a pretty bad depression about having a permanent condition. Took me awhile to get my head out of the muck.

    I work full time for the State of Washington and recently was able to start working at home. That has helped with my migraines and pain levels. I really hate the tiredness tho and the lack of motivation. I want my house to be clean. And I go thru spurts where I will get it the way I want for a couple of weeks and then I just don't have the motivation or the will to keep doing it.

    I have a 14 year old daughter and my husband who has come a long way in the support area. I'm 51 and the thing that drives me crazy are all the comments that this is just natural for anyone getting older. To push on thru - but I have gotten better at "listening" to my body - sometimes go to bed right after work as I'm so exhausted or will just take it slow. And yes - my computer can be a great source of wasted time! ;-)

  6. ksp56

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    I understand your feeling's. And I feel guilt when I go through several week's of being tired and fatigued. I also wonder, "Am I being lazy?" Then I feel depressed asking myself that question.

    Then the fatigue and pain pass, even if for only a short time, and I DO accomplish what I need to. I try not to listen to other's who think I should visit them more, go out more, etc., etc. It does affect me, somewhat, after 9 year's of dealing with this. I try to let it go but sometime's I become angry and make myself clear whether they like it, understand me, or don't 'get' it after all these year's of seeing this.

    I hate other's feel this same way, but it is reassuring knowing I'm not the only one who question's if these feeling's are real or laziness.

    Here's to acceptance of ourselve's. Even if the 'other's' don't understand or accept us as we are.


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