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    I just had a phone consult with the medical intuitive you had listed. I also was very shocked how much she had right on. There were only a few things she was alittle off on. And I was surprised how specific she was on things.

    I was wondering if she gave you what she thought was your underlying issue. Mine was dampness in the chest (still not 100% on understanding that), adrenal/pituitary. I have tried adrenal supps with no real sucess.

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    Just wanted to ask...I've been trying to decide on a medical intuitive - I have the list of certified ones I posted here - anyway could you share the name of yours? Intials and location or something similar...or maybe some other way.

    I always like to try one the people had a good experience with.

    God Bless,

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    I used the person lbconstable had talked to. her name is Jennifer Kaye. If you google her, she has a website. I did the reading.
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    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for giving me the update! I just love her.

    She pinpointed my current underlying issue as my digestive tract. She said that I have inflammation in my digestive tract. I've had two follow up appointments with her. In a follow up appointment, she identified a couple of my supplements as causing inflammation - as well as some foods I should avoid.

    Here's what I gather (from each of our conversations) as a synopsis of my gradual health decline...

    Chronic constipation as an adolescent led to malabsorption and nutrient deficiencies that led to adrenal, pineal, hypothalamus, and thyroid imbalances. She also talked about blood issues due to poor gut performance. (The blood thinner, Heparin was a big help towards my recovery).

    She said that at one time my adrenals and thyroid were really struggling, but that they are working in good stead now (which concurs with recent test results). At the time of this statement from her I was taking glandulars. She said that they are overstimulating for me now. I have since discontinued them. I can't say for sure that it's related, but my sound sensitivity issues have decreased.

    I'd love to hear more... Did she give you any ideas on what course of action to take?

    If she offers you any oils, take her up on it. The oil that she made for me is awesome. My husband drips it along my spine and then with as light a touch as he can muster her brushes it out from my spine to the sides of my body. I actually do some little body shutters when he does it. In the morning the stiffness and soreness is remarkably diminished.



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    Interesting. My main issues are the solarplex. She told me that I have digestive issues, that I have problems breaking down food. The stomachs inability to move food. I do take digestive enzymes. She also mentioned my nervous system, and the adrenals/pituitary.

    The years that she brought up in my life and concentrated on were heads on, very accurate in terms of health and personal issues.

    She said that she would go over everything, then write up a treatment plan that she would mail me. She also said she works with a homeopathic dr that could help me with my adrenal issues. I might be interested in that. I'm seeing someone locally and I'm interested in seeing my results of a 24-adrenal stress test. I've just started valcyte and am already down so don't know how soon I'll see those results.