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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by obrnlc, Apr 13, 2007.

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    didn't want to steal your thread, but also have had alot of questions on this from an mri i just had done, and from researching the net (haven't had calls from docs yet, just got my own reports) there are many cases of cervical myelopathy that are misdiagnosed as, or go hand in hand with, fibro and csf.

    my neck has been so sore latley, mri showed all kinds of bulging discs (most all of them--cervical), uncovertebral osteophytic encroachment, and alot of other stuff i had no idea about--i just got this fibro thing down to where i understand it somewhat, not ready for more.

    i do know the pitfalls with making your own diagnosis, and should've waited for a doc to call with results, but you know how that goes and i was impatient. how many have had injections, and steroid or numbing, into c-spine area, what types of mri findings constitute a possible surgical approach, how do you deal with the pain and muscle issues without surgery, and any other unasked questions you know the answers too--please respond to.

    those that answered lbuchanans post--i've read and appreciate those responses (i think they applied to alot of us with spinal issues), and any other comments appreciated.

    thanks and have a great week end--L

  2. survivor13

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    hi there
    thanks for taking the time you have on this, appreciated. ive had my spinal problems in varying degrees for 20 years but am seeing a spinal trauma specialist on 21st June in 11 weeks or so to determine if surgery is now needed, il keep you posted. i have nt had any serious x rays, scans or mri investigation for a year or so and need to see if the erosion had gotten as bad as my doctor thinks it has before i can progress further.

    il watch your post with interest and thanks again
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    My neuro surgeon told me he could do a spinal fusion on my neck with a 99% chance that the surgery itself would go fine. But he did tell me that my outcome because of Fibro and arthritis throughout my spine would possibly increase my pain rather than decrease it at this point.

    I had spinal injections, two in my neck and one in my lumbar in Dec and Jan. This took a lot of the nerve pain, i.e. pins and needles, burning skin sensation, and electric shock pain in hands away. But I still cannot move my head from side to side, still have very sore arms and hands, still get tremors in my hands and muscle spasms in my back and hips. Still get what I refer to as my hips locking up, still have to use a cane some days, still get spasms in my feet and legs, still get days where I cannot lift my arms.

    He said that these pains were due to the arthritis and that there was not way surgery would help, and in fact may even make these pains worse. Also because I have arthritis throughout my spine, with bone spurs on every vertebra, and significant narrowing of the neuroforman, that fusion surgery could in the long run lead to more instability of my spine. So he advised me to put off surgery until the nerve pain was significantly worse than the muscle pain

    Don't ask me how to control the pain, I'm taking pain pills, muscle relaxers, antidepressants. Take long hot baths, use heat packs, do biofeedback, go to an Occupational Therapist to learn pacing and relaxation techniques and she also does some light manual therapy on me. I've tryed physical therapy, but cannot tolerate it. And I am still in pain 24/7.

    I have had my Fibromyalgia positively diagnosed as well as the spine problems. I do think they are two seperate issues but aggravate each other.

    I don't mind you using my threads, hopefully we all can learn something.

    Linda B
  4. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi, thanks for the responses, we'll have to follow these posts, and survivor-please update after june appt. (i can't believe they make you wait that long, but i am an impatient patient!)
    linda-thanks for info on injections, i was offered them once before but didn't have insurance at the time, may have to try that route.
    thanks again and have a great day--L

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