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    Hi Kim~~Since you drive by the Balanced Healing Medical Center every day, you should stop in and get some of their information and check it out.

    I was extremely skeptical about the whole process of acupuncture and use of herbs/vitamins/fruit/mineral combinations, and phobic about needles--but I was in so much pain at that time I was willing to try anything.

    And during the initial assessment where I told them everything that was wrong with me, they could tell I was quite skeptical as they outlined my program--but they were so kind and nice that they just smiled and said I didn't have to believe in it--just keep an open mind--and let the results speak for themselves. AND, that they did not use the kind of herbs etc. that are common in health stores. And, as you can tell by the description of ingredients I wrote down for the Mobility 3 they gave me--they are nothing like the commercial stuff we buy in health stores. And they are very reasonably priced.

    I just took the herbs and did everything they told me--and to my complete amazement by the morning of the 3rd week--I had no pain; the psoriasis all over my body which made me look like a leper was totally gone; I felt like I could leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    And the whole staff was very kind, gentle, holistic- thinking, and treated me with respect, dignity, caring, and concern. They treat alot of people with FM & CFS along with every other kind of illiness. It was wonderful to not be scoffed at, or told to just live with it, or to pick up on negative attitudes.

    The doctor had no problem giving me an opioid (7.5 lortab) for as long as I needed it, but by the 3rd week--I didn't need any "medication". And I was being treated for degenerative disc disease with 3 discs completely gone, bulging disc, herniated disc, 2 shattered vertebrae [including additional back problems] along with FM, CFS, asthma, allergies, IBS, severe psoriasis, osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, menopausal symptoms, and a kidney infection.

    I am 54 and have had FM/CFS since my teens and during these years have researched, read, and tried so many approaches to dealing with just these two illnesses without success. And though various avenues work for different people--this approach to treatment worked on everything for me. I couldn't believe it....but the proof was in the results.

    If you've tried everything else, you might consider stopping by there, getting the information, and talking to the gals at the desk. It was a very healing experience for me.

    Let me know if you try it, and how you are doing. Blessings, Carol....
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    Thank you SO much for the information. I just took a car trip with my sister and talked with her about the center. Right now she was just approved by her doctor to give procrit a try. She was diagnosed with low blood volume. I am very excited but as I am sure you can understand she is afraid to get her hopes up. Even if it doesn't work the way I look at it, then we can move on to try the next treatment, (the healing center). That is why I was so interested to read you post. Do you mind briefly going over the costs of the visits and the herbs?

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    Hi Kimberly~~The most expensive part of the treatment was the initial assessment, and though I can't remember the exact cost, I think it was $100 which included a history of my aliments and the development of a program designed specificially for me and my needs.

    The bottles of herbs they have are for various medical problems, thus are made up of different herbs/etc., and costs vary. However, I used 4 different bottles of herbs, and, for me, the most expensive was $18. But they have a list you can get of all the herbs and what they are used for along with the cost of each one.

    I would suggest you stop by and get their packet of information on treatments, acupuncture, herbs, and costs for everything. I found it all very reasonable, and I did not have insurance at the time. I paid for it all out of my pocket.

    I have insurance now, and I pay much more per month for medications than I did for the treatments & herbs I got at the Healing Center, and I receive considerably less benefit from the powerful medications I take. I know that had I been able to stay in Oklahoma and keep going to the Healing Center that I would be med-free and feeling good right now.

    The acupuncturist I had was raised, educated, and trained in China, and he was an expert on various oriental healing techniques and herbs/etc. Once they diagnosed me as a "hot" body type with my various ailments, it didn't take him a minute to decide what bottles of herbs to give me. I was very skeptical, but the proof was in the results.

    I listed the ingredients in the Mobility 3 bottle of herbs he gave me in another recent post. You can go back to that post and get an idea of the many kinds of herbs I'm talking about. Again, the herbs in each bottle vary as it depends on what ailment is being treated.

    I believe this type of treatment is a positive option for your sister. They treat the whole body--not just give you a bottle of medication and send you home.

    At least stop by and get their information packet--tell them you want the list of herbs and everything. They are very nice & helpful people there with smiles and positive attitudes. It doesn't cost anything to read the material.

    Your sister is very fortunate to have you care so much and be so pro-active on her behalf. But, it worked wonders on my FM/CFS also.

    You're very thoughtful & good hearted with angelic attributes. Remember to take care of yourself too. Do you have FM/CFS or some disorder? You might try the Healing Center for yourself, and if you get good results--encourage your sister to try it. Best Wishes, Carol....

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    Bumping this for you....
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    Hi Carol,
    Thank you for your information. I just actually spoke with a person who took procrit and her results with it. I seem to get a lot of second hand my friend thing but I really need to contact people directly, and am having a hard time finding people. We are exploring this avenue right now since she is diagnosed low blood volume but really appreciate your help. The interesting thing is the lady I spoke with about the procrit had previously tried acupunture and chinese herbs. She said it helped but would you believe that the chinese doctor kept telling her that something was wrong with her blood. Now I now that is a blanket statement that yes, could cover many ailments, but she later tested with low blood volume! VERY interesting? At least the naturalists don't seem to be the ones telling people it is all in their heads.
    Thanks Again,
    ps. where in oklahoma are you from?[This Message was Edited on 08/16/2003]