LCD confusion

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kyliesmom, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. kyliesmom

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    I was brushing my teeth with a sonic care and looking at a LCD clock in a hotel room and the numbers were breaking in half and waving and jumpimg up and down. Thought I was having a stroke or anuerysm. Very strange, it stopped when the toothbrush stopped. Is something loose in my brain or is this normal?
  2. amymb74

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    This is off the topic of advice you were looking for but I was standing in a long layaway line the other day & found myself reading the recall bulletin board and I think those tooth brushes were recalled - not for LCD confision:) but because the top can pop off. It sticks out in my head because I was having visions of people brushing their teeth & getting the brush lodged in their throat & choking or something. Check out that recall anyways. About your question - is this normal? I certainly don't think so but are we normal? Maybe it was having something 'live' in your mouth while looking at something w/electricity in it? Try it again and let us know.Amy Oh I just noticed it was a hotel room so you can't do an actual reinactment.
  3. amilyne

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    yes its normal...the vibration of the toothbrush will do that ..even vibrating massagers on your neck can do this ..its quite interesting and fun but itll give me a im not sure why but im pretty sure this happens to everyone.