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    Have a wonderful time Carolyn, gosh I wish I was going. My Pastors from VA. are working with him I think... If you hear anything about Rob and Trisha Sowell, that's them.
    I hope you socks get blessed off...bring back a little for us

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    we are home .all week soaking in the word.I really came away filled and with a new determination in my prayer.I have some videos of the meetings powerful! need to watch them and I will share info . We do not need to be afflicted with these disease they are from the pit of hell and we were set free from ALL disease on the cross.this is hard to get in our minds but the truth never the less. do you know you could have watched the whole meeting via internet ?go to ken copeland min and you will find it , I didnt know either but tried when i got home and igot it . tell more later caroline
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    Coming from the mountian, back into the real world is hard isn't it. Can you just imagine what heaven is going to be like? And there is no watch or calander, we can stay forever! Well, I know you received a lot in your spirit, and I can't wait to see it in action!
    As I mentioned before, my former pastors were connected to KC. They sold everything to join in the ministry, studied and became pastors. They were really wise and loving people, and have since went on to a differnt type of ministry.
    Enjoy you tapes. Hugs to you.