lcysteine ?

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    I read the post about this product. I have a question though.
    The information in the post said that it helps with lymph nodes and their swelling.
    Do you get it from the health food store? How much do you take? Is there other things you take with it that helps? I dont know much about herbs and how to take them. I do know that I have read that you take some with food and some without.
    Also I have high blood pressure so I take meds for that. Can you take herbs with that kind of medicine?
    Any information you give to me will be much welcomed!!!

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    is one of 3 precursers to glutathione, and most people only need one of the 3 to boost their liver's glutathione levels. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and the liver's main means of detoxifying. Cysteine and glutathione can be used interchangably, they do the same thing.

    Usually cysteine (an amino acid) is sold as NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine), someone drew a distinction between their use of l-cysteine and NAC, but I'm not sure what that is.

    It needs to be takin on an empty stomache as w/ any amino, so it doesn't have to compete w/ protein for absorption. Start at a very light dose, it packs a wallup, and causes quite a herx. the more toxic you are w/ chemical sensitivity or candida, the more you'll herx.

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    Replying to what Jeanne said, from what I understand, NAC is more easily absorbed in the body than lcystein and so NAC is usually the preferred way to go.
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    Elsa was the name of the poster who talked about it. Try putting Elsa's name in your title and she should see your post and answer your questions.

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