LDA (low dose antigen)

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    Has anyone tried the LDA shots? (low dose antigen) A couple of friends of mine have tried them with great success. With the first shot, their wymptoms got 50 or more % better. any input? I took my first one, but did not receive the same results as they did. Thanks
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    carla--LDA is given for environmental allergies, CFIDS, FM and any immune deficiency related illness. It increases the positive action of your T-cells, and actually fixes them, so you have no more symptoms, and your T-cells are now healthy instead of compromised. It was started in England, but is now available in the U.S. It has a 64% cure rate in CFIDS and other auto immune disorders. It used to be called EPD.(enzyme potentiated desensitivation) Dr. Mccuen in England developed it, and then Dr. Shrader in New Mexico did it in the U.S. My docotr in Austin gave me the shot. Sometimes it takes 2-3 shots for some people to start receiving benefits. They are done at 2 month intervals. I hope my 2nd shot works like the ones my other 2 friends got. They are totally normal now. Thank you, God.
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    If you are still reading posts, could you let me know what doctor you used in Austin? I'd like to try LDA, but cannot find a doctor.