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    Just wanted to say hi, i don't post much but read mostly.

    How's that horse of your doing?

    Have you ever heard of a guy called frank bell? He works with horses, but isn't one of these big known names.

    Anyways, i got one of his tapes, and really liked it, gave me some great ideas. I found him easier to apply than others. He has you teach your horse a emergency stop, or hip disengagement, on the ground, and really get it, and then take it too the saddle. I really wish i had this info. when i had my Arabian. I think it would have been the missing piece that we needed.

    He shows you how to do things in a easier way, and doesn't try to sell himself like so many others. You don't have to become his groupie, or follower, or disciple.

    Just thought i would share some horsey talk with ya. I hope you stay around and keep encouraging others.

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    I haven't heard of frank bell but I get RFDTV and I TIVO every horse show on there! I am a sponge trying to soak up everything I can. My trainer is traditional and we also have a Parelli person at the barn. It's a 100 stall barn and we also have pasture horses so there are alot of people to learn from and others who have had similar injurys so that helps.

    My sweet girl is Nightingale and she was supposed to be a fancy pony for the serious shows but she grew a little too big and so I get the girl with the impecable training who knows alot more than I do. She is 14.3 and she looks lke she is black turning grey but in the sun it has a reddish tint so I am thinking maybe dark bay turning grey. She is 5 and is still dark with dapples. she is quite a pretty color now so I am hoping it takes her a long time to grey oput.

    She has a very Arab head, tail, curiosity and feistiness from her Arab sire and a nice solid QH body and a solidness from her QH mare. Coincidentally the mare Amber is at our barn now.

    I ride mostly English for fun doing all of the typical english things a little dressage and a little jumping. Nightingale gets collected very easily and make it all seem easy for me. She makes me look good. she is also an Alpha Mare but sweet spirited.

    Thanks for asking and I love love to heat about your horses and horse experiences! Take Care Lynn
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    Just now got a chance to get back to this.
    I've been fighting a head cold, and drowning in snot!!

    Your girl sounds really high strung, is that from being injured and stalled, or is she alway kinda keyed up?

    If she's arab and quarter horse, that should be a good combination.

    How much are you graining her, and how much turnout time dose she normally get when not injured?

    I'm glad she's getting better. It sounds like, even tho we both love horses, we come from different ends of the horse world. Our horses live outside all year round in a large pasture, with a run in shelter, they only use in fly season. I remember, when i put my pony in a box stall to have her foal, and she was highly insulted to be in a barn!LOL

    It's mostly all western riding around here, I grew up showing in 4-H. And still own my pony, she is 30 years old.
    Dark bay, about 12.3 hands, she is POA, and welsh/shetland.
    I have a 20 year old Quater horse gelding, i traded my arab for (long story), and my spanish mustang filly.

    Good luck showing! I'm very isolated where we live, and have no horsey friends to do things with!! Been to sick to anyways. In april i'm finally getting a lymes test done by igenex. I'm not close to any of the FFC's

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    What a sweet picture! What are your horses names?? I don't think we are too opposite! my baby is used to getting turned out every day unless it rains for 7 hours. She is 5 and 1/2 Arab and she has alot of energy. She is actually very sweet and tries to please. If she hasn't been turned out for three or four days I would typically lounge her before riding her to get the bucks out. She really is just being a horse. She is getting about a third of what whe normally gets in grain but I have upped her hay. I usually give her an extra flake when I leave so she has something to do!

    I think the problem is she is only walking for 40 minutes twice per day and now being trotted about 10-15 minutes per day. She was on complete stall rest for 3 weeks and we have built up to this. She should be back cantering and jumping crossrails in 6 weeks or so and then we will start turning her out again.

    We have several horses at our barn who don't get turned out at all. It is a money thing as daily turnout is more expensive. I feel so sorry for them because I think bonding with other horses and grazing fu time are really important for mental health.

    I also love to ride western. My husband rides western and if we get another horse it will probably be a QH or an Appendix and it will be western. Then I can do both! I will have to win the lottery first though! HA HA

    Nightingale will definately be a forever horse. We are building a house on 15 acres with a 6 acre pasture so we will have a place. BUT I love the comraderie of the barn and I don't feel like I have near the experience I need. I let Nightingale get her full winter coat in and never had to blanket her this winter. I like all that thick fluffy hair!

    We had a barn Schooling show today and my 4 year old Grant did the walk, halt, 2 point and the walk, trot classes. He won a 5th place ribbon which he told the judge he didn't want because it was pink. The little girl who won 4th wanted the pink ribbon so she traded him. It was pretty funny! They gave all the eginners a trophy and he has called everyone we know to tell them.

    It must be very special to have your pony! I know she must mean the world to you. I am so hooked I feel like a 12 year old. I will talk horses all you can stand! I will try to get a decent picture of Nightingale. She is pretty fancy and a total princess.

    Thanks so much for telling me about your babies I really enjoy hearng about them! Lynn

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    Hi again,
    I just meant our horse enviroments are opposite, you proably have the high people, small space, mostly english, and dressage, lots of showing, with Stable life, and turn-out times?

    I have lots of space, more natural horse living, and hardly anyone to share the work, play, learning, and riding with. Mostly trail riding, or western. Unless i trailer my horse, i have to ride alone.

    I think like all things, there's pro's and con's with both ways. If i felt like my old self i wouldn't mind trailering. My family (parents, and sister), live 50 miles away. They ride all the time but it's hard to join them.
    I find dressage interesting, i had one lesson once, and it's way harder than i thought. Had to go 70 miles just for a lesson, but it was fun.

    My pony is Trixsy, she was an orphan foal from my first pony. She's quite a character, although she's slowed way down in the last two years.
    Rusty is the Quarter horse, and Wind Dancer is my Spanish mustang filly.
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    Well actually our barn is pretty mixed. About half clean their own stalls and half don't. I actually enjoy cleaning my stall the whole thing is very relaxing. I take a long time grooming I love the bonding time.

    The owner of our barn has a Paint stallion at stud and a Paint mare due any day. His daughters ride ans show western. The PArelli girl at our barn rides mainly western but can train both. She Seems to work wonders with problem horses. I am thinking of workign with her to bombproof Nightingale. She is not particullarly spooky but she has nto really been trail rideen either and I love to trail ride! I would also like to learn the techniques Betsy uses for my own education.

    We also have English and dressage and quite a few into eventing. Our barn is'nt a show barn. We have a couple of expensive horses there but mostly pets. We also have pasture boarders.

    The trainer I am working with is pretty amazing. Sh grew up on a 80,000 acre rance in Australia and got her jockey license at 15. She rode 2 year olds in Lexington for 10 years and trained polo ponies. She got pregnant and took a job in GA. Her daughter is Grants age now. She is very good with kids. Her only problem is she is very disorganized. She has really taught me alot and is very giving with her knowledge.

    I have alot to learn! Being at the barn I get to see all the differnt stages of training horses are going through. Also all the health issues which I think need to know as much as possible. I am a pretty social person so it works for me.

    HEy maybe your parents and sister would trailer to your place to ride sometimes. Is there a HS kid around who is crazy about horses that would help out with chores in exchange for riding? We have several girls like that at our barn.

    I also enjoy the peacefulness of riding alone. Things are not that busy during the day before school is out. This morning I was the only one in the arena whch was very calming. After school it's Chaos! And the tackroom what a mess! My aisle has all of the school horses and alot of kids on it.

    I don't know much about dressage either. I just know a little. Western horses use alot of dressage movements it's just called something else. Today since we can only walk and do a little trotting I worked on gettng Nightingale to move off of my leg. She moves really well with no reining whatsoever. She knows alot more than I do . She can do flying lead changes on every stride but I don't know how to make her do it! My goal is to be able to do everything she can.

    I love the name Wind Dancer. How did you get a mustang? Did you do a wild horse adoption? I would love to hear her story.

    I have now officially written way too much! Take Care and have a wonderful evening. Lynn

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    I hope i'm not coming across the wrong way, in no way am i applying anything wrong, infact i'm kinda jealous of all the great help you have at your fingertips.

    I gotta go, my kids need me:)

    I'll get back to ya! And tell ya about Wind.
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    No problem! Before I got Nightingale she lived at a fancy show barn with the $100,000 eventers and show horses. She has all the training she just grew too big. She was supposed to be a large pony but grew to 14.3. Shes not big enough to compete and they needed her stall so I got her for a song! Lucky me! I will say they did turn those horses out without blankets and let them get their winter coats.

    When I started back riding I went to this same barn for a lesson and I got on this beautiful warmblood, Catch. He was for sale and I asked how much. She said 35 and I thought wow you can get a horse like this for $3500. she just laughed and said no $35,000 and he's a bargain. Ha way out of my range!

    The beautiful thing is if you love horses you love horses no matter how much they cost or what they look like. I would be happy on anything! I juat flat out love being around them. I wish I had started back along time ago. I plan to make the most of my time now!

    I am really happy to talk with you morningsonshine! Lynn

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