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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rileyearl, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    Hi Lynn,

    I'm starting on Provigil and wanted to know if you are still using it? How much/often do you take it and did you have any issues with it? I have high hopes for some energy today. Do you have trouble not over-doing when you take it? Hope that's not too many questions!

    Are you dancing or riding horses today? I'm so happy you are better! You inspire me! Thanks in advance.

  2. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Not Lynn, but have tons of provigil experience and ride horses also, LOL!

    I have taken provigil for about 2 years now. No problems. My rx is for 100mgs so I can tailor the dose. I'll bet your's is for 200mgs.

    If you are just starting, I'd break it in half (for 200) and see how you do. Always take first dose by mid-morning. For some reason, it doesn't work as well if you take the first dose later in day.

    It has a short window for me ... about four hours, so I'll take the second dose 4 hours after initial one. If I am having a long ... 15 hour day, I'll take three doses. You can take up to 600mgs a day of provigil.

    Sometimes I'll take 200mgs right off the bat. This can kind of launch you if you are not used to it.

    Provigil will not keep you awake if you have done way too much, or are trying to stay awake for an unreasonable length of time. (LIke college student unreasonable.)

    Also, it won't interfer with food intake like adderall, etc can, but during it's active phase, your appetite can be somewhat depressed.

    I haven't taken it everyday as it has been an effective drug for me and I wanted to keep it that way.

    I have altered doses, time of day taken it, had days off from it (for either recovery days, or drug holidays)and taken it with food or without. It has been a very useful tool for me.

    If you take it with food, it will take longer to work and might be less absorbed. It takes about an hour for full concentration.

    As always, what works for one, will not work for someone else. Also, provigil, or any other EDS drug will not make you feel "normal", like the days prior to CFS/FM. They just work as a tool to combat the EDS symptom of our illness.

    I think alot of people who have tried provigil and didn't like it expected it to be a magic wand ... make you like you have never heard of CFS/FM. That's unrealistic and not the case ... unfortunately.

    Then again, many have had a peridoxical effect ... making them sleepy instead of alert. Rachel had a problem with it concerning her neuro symptoms.

    On the whole it's a good rx for us. I am at a point of alternating days between provigil and adderall with still having days where I don't take either one ... either I don't need the help or am taking a "stop and recover" day.

    Good luck on this. It's nice to have it in your maintainance arsenal. We have what we have and even in remission, we still need help from time to time.

    I hope this is helpful. Please let me know how it works for you. Oh, I almost forgot ... this is not a drug that builds on itself but is effective the day you take it. It clears totally from the body.

    Take care,

  3. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I am not taking Provigil anymore as it really was not helping. I tryed it prior to going to the FFC. Hopefully it will work for you! Yes Grant had a lesson yesterday and I rode too. I am taking a lesson tomorrow on a beautiful horse named Tellie who is up for lease. Her owner doesn't ride her and she is not used for lessons. The trainer is riding her. She is a Trekehner and a sweetie. The trainer really knows how to hook me in!

    I am still dancing and going to Salsa tonight. I'ts out last class so we will have to decide if we want to take part two.

    Elsa I would love to hear about your horse! What is her name and what do you ride? I have just about gone horse crazy. Just going to the barn and smelling everything and grooming the horse is awesome!

    Rileyearl. What are you up to for fun these days?? Are you just working and running after your little one?? They definately keep you busy! Lynn
  4. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I did take a 200 mg Provigil today and have had a fairly productive time so far. I also had to take 20mg of oxycodone this morning, so the Provigil is probably a little suppressed, but I'm awake! No side effects that I can tell. I loved being able to play with my son a little. And he loved it too. His Hulk costume arrived today. He's going to be so exicited to see it.

    I really over did it the other day. I set up a booth at the local Harvest Festival--well, really my husband set it up, but I got all the merchandise ready to go and manned it all day. I'm not sure which is worse, prolonged sitting or prolonged standing. I tried both. I'm used to having a nap after about 4 hours awake and sure know I need it now. Flare! It was fun to get out in the world again.

    I'm excited for you to be so excited about riding! I didn't know you were a horsy girl, too, Elsa!

    I don't plan to take the Provigil every day, just when I'm feeling panic about how behind I'm getting around here. I run a retail business, so this is my crazy time of year.

    Thanks for your replies!

  5. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Oh man, have you openned up the fload gates! I'll try to keep this under control, but he is one of my great joys in life.

    He is a registered American Trakehner. (3/4 Trakehner,1/4 Am.Thoroughbred). With that 1/4 thoroughbred in the mix, his height is hugh ... but doesn't have that "big-boy" warmblood look to him.

    His sire is Abdullah and his grandsire on mare's side is Schonfeld. I don't know how interested you are in bloodlines, but his Dad was a two time olympic gold medal winner and three time world cup champion.

    Schonfeld has produced several 6 figure hunter champions.

    When I bought him he had done a handful of baby green division shows. Just enough to show me he had all the necessary ingredients for the hunter ring.

    I (I say "I", but really my husnand and I,) bought him when he was three years old. He's now ten ... so we have been a hugh part of each other's life for a while now.

    He is a more refined looking 17.1 hands, light grey with a star and snipe, and one right front sock that shows up beautifully. All in his bloodline turn white with some light grey still showing around hip area, but he hasn't progressed to that point.

    We showed pretty intensely during his pre-green year for mileage. Whew!! That was tough ... what a handful!

    Did 10 shows his first year green /AO hunter year and qualified for Harrisburg and Washinton in both divisions.
    His first 3'6" horse show was Palm Beach and he jogged back 5th! I was so proud!! Still am obviously, LOL

    The next year he only did the AO division ... again, about ten shows ... but a tough schedule. He got accepted to Devon that year, but we didn't go. I was already starting to feel "sick" and didn't have the juice to get him prepared for the ring. (Devon can be very distracting for an "evergreen" spook like mine.)

    We did real well in KY., and went to Upperville and Lake Placid. By August in Cinn., we were both toast and came home for a month off. When it was time for the fall shows I actually crawled into my husband's lap and balled like a baby .... I felt too bad to go and wanted to just stay homeso that's what we did.

    The next year I still didn't approach my doctor with my feeling like I had CFS ... in denial I guess. Only managed two shows that year in the month of June and he was champion at both. That was the last time we have shown. Was diagnosed that November. ( 2003)

    We did manage to go to KY during the summer for training sessions last year, but not to show. I had a blast, but absolutely got worn down to nothing. I got serious about my treatment plan after that.

    My boy has had basically a year off, but still treated like the spoiled rotten show horse that he is. He gets routine chiropractic/accupunture treatments every 4 weeks, (from a brillant vet who travels up from Texas), body clipped on a regular basis and lives in a beautiful home with 5 other horses. There are 3 employees that are on site looking after them. I couldn't have asked for a better set up while working on my remission.

    The longer "Abdullah Babies" have to grow up mentally, the better life is for their mother! LOL He is as made up as he is going to get, but this down time has been wonderful for his brain. My trainer says he's a low mileage model! I'm doing my best to look after his legs and joints ... want us to be going around the "old fart" ring together down the road. (Pardon the language, LOL)He's mine for life... I'm a lucky girl.

    He isn't easy to ride ... very athletic ... spooks and loves to buck when he feels good. He's not mean at all, just loves life and going to express it! He's sometimes too smart for his mother to handle.

    He won't trust just anyone, but if he does, he'll try his heart out.

    He was cut very late in life, so he has some definate stallion tendencies. If you try to push him around, he is going to win every time. But if you ask, he'll comply happily. This is on the ground as well as in the ring.

    If he doesn't respect someone then forget it... he'll make life a living nightmare for that person. (Usually ground people.) He'll test every new person that comes around too. If you earn his respect, you pretty much have it for ever.

    He's complicated, talented, too smart for my own good, and will happily let me be the "alpha mare" as long as I continue to hold his respect and trust.

    Because it takes alot of energy and brain power to prepare for and show this little dear, I have stayed away from horse shows all together until I complete my treatment plan. I'm on the last leg which is the hormone issue and am most definately in early remission. Hopefully after a few more months I'll be in full remission.

    I'm planning on showing some ( not much, as I want to pace myself) next year. I would love to be able to go to Ocala, but that is going to be pushing it ... maybe. Might could swing lessons/training sessions with my trainer during Ocala though. We will definately need it after all this time off.

    I told you I would get carried away. I do still ride around, (with alittle help of ace for the boy) but I don't have it in me to seriously bring him back to fitness and prepare for the winter shows. I will soon though!

    Thanks for asking about him. This is the first time I have ever spoken to anyone involved with hunters about how my illness has affected my ability to show. It felt good to share my history of CFS/FM and horses, so thank you very much.

    My trainer doesn't live in the same area as I do and when I join him at horse shows, I never mention CFS/FM. I don't want his expectation of me to be influenced by this illness. You ride up to their expectations and ride down as well. Don't ever want that to happen.

    Thanks again Lynn. You don't know how good it felt to finally talk about it. I'm glad you are doing so well. From what you have shared about your treatment, we have had very similar treatment strategies ... just not the same MD's/facilities. Plus, you got it done under one roof and faster then my team of specialist in multi sites have. Still, we're close to the same spot.

    Take care ... I'm glad you had another great day. Go for that lease if you can. There is no greater physical therapy and conditioning for horse crazy people then to be around and involved with them.


  6. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I'm glad it's working for you. I have taken it several days in a row ... like a week at best, but that's tops. I never did want to loose it's effectivness and I just plain have to have "stop days" ... or recovery days from living life.

    Your paim medication probably does take the edge off of it so that good. Awake and alert with out feeling speedy.

    It does have a quality of life aspect to it. For those who do well on it, it truly can be a Godsend ...

    Glad you're living life with it. ....


    ps .... Oh yes ... life long, card carrying horse idiot. Stop riding twice in my life ... for college and the first few years of marriage. My husband is a gift from God to me ... he demanded I get back involved with horses. As he saw it ... I'm happier when horses are part of my life and that means he can be happier too, LOL!!
  7. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    I started replies in differnt thread with your names! Talk with you soon! Lynn

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