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    Hi Lynn,

    I've been catching some of your posts. I'm so glad you're feeling so much better!!!

    Just wondering how long you have been on doxycycline?

    Has the FFC doctor mentioned how long you'll be on the Heparin?

    I'm in the midst of a moderate flare right now. I have a sore throat and that funny taste in my mouth that I've been getting since beginning the Lumbrokinase. I've been off the Lumbrokinase for about 4 weeks and have been taking Transfer Factors for about 2 1/2 weeks. No elevated temperature which I was getting when I was having an obvious immune response. So I don't really know what to make of this flare.

    I see my doctor tomorrow and am anticipating a prescription for antibiotics. Wondering if I won't feel better once we start that protocol.

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    I have been on the Doxy and Famvir since the end of June. I felt like total crapola for about 5 days and then felt a whole lot and I mean a whole lot better!

    I had one bump in the road when I had a reaction to the sun. I was at the beach with my inlaws over the 4th and I wa sonly out for about 30 mins. with sunblock and under an umbrella and I had a really bad reaction. I was glad I was with my inlaws who are both pharmacists and knew exactly what the problem was. I have stayed out of the sun all summer which has been a pain.

    Dr B told me I would stay on the Candida stuff and try to stick to the diet as long as I was on antibiotics. She also told me to continue the Heperin for now. I will get the results of retesting the things that were wrong with me on Sept 13 ans we will adjust my treatment from there. There is no cookie cutter answer. Each person has a different set of circumstances and it is so complicated. This is the reason regular Drs don't treat this. It is so darn hard!

    Good lUck with your treatment and keep me posted on how you are! Lynn

  3. lbconstable

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    I appreciate the info!

    I so hope we start the antibiotics tomorrow!

    I'll be interested in how your follow up testing goes!

  4. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Good Luck and keep me posted. I hope the antibiotics don't make you Herx but if they do that probably means they are working! Take Care Lynn
  5. lbconstable

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    I got the prescription for antibiotic today. My doctor wanted to wait until I'd been on the Tranfer Factor for two months. I told him I really wanted to start now.

    He thinks I'll be even sicker with the doxycylcline. I'm just ready to move ahead! I might be a little impatient. He's such a sweetheart to listen to me!

    He thinks the flair is a result of Transfer Factor therapy. And the scratchy sorethroat from rhinovirus (not the EBV or HHV-6) so recommended I continue with Olive Leaf Extract.

    He prescribed a name brand Doxycycline. He said he didn't want me to take the generic, but the pharmacy would probably have to order it. Do you know what brand that you take?

  6. ldbgcoleman

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    I take the brand name. I started the Doxy and the Famvir at the same time so one or both made me feel bad. If your gonna feel bad you might as well get it all over with at the same time!

    One caution. I had a severe reaction to the sun. That is a common side effect of Doxy. Of course the bottle says Caution Stay out of the Sun but did I pay any attention?? No. I had on SPF 15 too and I was only out abou 30 minutes. Now I stay completely out and wear sleeves!

    Good Luck Lynn
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    Thanks for the heads up. It's going to be a trick for me to stay out of the sun since I work outside much of the time... I'll manage it somehow! Better go get a big brim straw hat!


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    You may not have the sun reaction like I did. Just be aware and take it easy at first. It feels like your skin is buring off of your flesh. Much worse than a sunburn and fast. My arms turned bright red and stayed that way for a long time. I looked like rudolph the red nosed reindeer. Hopefully it won't be a problem for you. What do you do out in the sun?? Lynn
  9. lbconstable

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    Hi Lynn,

    I'm a Pest Control Advisor to farmers and nurseries. I spend a lot of time walking through fields of flowers and plants looking for bugs, diseases, and general abnormalities. I'm kind of a plant doctor!

    I really enjoy my work. When I'm feeling so tired and lousy it's very hard to do though. I'm fortunate in that I have a lot of flexibility. So I have been able to manage work and CFS. Although about 2 years ago I wasn't sure how much longer I could do it.

    When I was in college trying to decide on a direction, I just couldn't imagine spending 8 hours a day inside. That's when I decided to study horticulture. My mom was appalled! She couldn't believe that I was going to college to become a gardner! LOL! So glad I followed my heart.

  10. ldbgcoleman

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    My husband is a golf course superintendant so he grows grass. He also has horticulture and turf management. He loves his job. He is happiest on a tractor getting the right cut.

    I don't like being stuck inside either! I was a regional manager for a dental manufacturer and I got to travel around and work from home. Now I chase a 31/2 year old.

    I also have had a slight sore throat and draining. Nothing like I used to have. I attribute it too not pacing myself. I am finally realizing I am getting better for good and I don't have to cram everything in all at once. I have been cleaning out closets ect.. and stepped up my excersise program. I think I just need to back off a little. I'm just thankful I can do these things and feel like it!

    Take Care It's nice to get to know a little more about you.

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