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    Hi Lynn,

    Just wanted to say thanks for the kind comments you made in a reply to one of my posts (like a month ago). Have wanted to check in with you since then.

    We are adopting two little girls (2 yrs & 3-1/2 yrs.) So I've hardly had time to breathe let alone spend much time here.

    I'm continuing to do well on the treatment, although I have been missing a lot of my Heparin shots. I hope that's not terrible. I've admired your diligence & commitment so much! I see the doctor again on Wed. I'm guessing I'll continue with Heparin & Doxycycline. Are you still taking the Heparin?

    I have found a local doctor that administers vitamins/supplements via IV push or drip. I have gone in for a Meyer's cocktail when I'm fluish. It seems to help a lot. I'd like to go in more frequently. We'll see about the $ thing though. How often do you get an IV? Is yours a Meyer's Cocktail, Glutathione, or something else?

    Wishing you continued health!