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    Flexeril, is not an Antidepressant, it's a skeletal muscle relaxant, it's used to treat muscle spasms. It has low side effects, I used it for a while, but then they put me on Soma which helps with the condition I have, better than the Flexeril. It did help with the Pain and Spasams, and I did get some sleep.

    Hope it helps you, and Welcome to the board.

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    ant, even thoug it is prescribed as a muscle relaxant. He told me that most docs don't even know this. That's what made me wonder.
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    that you do a research on this med for yourself. When I was taking the Flexril, I was also taking an Antidepressant, they said that this would Raise the Pain level in my Brain. Sad to say, all I got were Nightmares, I was taken off of them and given the Soma, which works good for my FMS/CMP/OA.

    we can't give out urls', but if you use your search engine you might find some websites that can give you a better idea of the Med and it's side effects and such.

    It just made me feel, dull.

    the site I like best , is called, rxlist it's a dot com site, anyway they have some cool jokes there too.