LDN - I MUST TRY!!! :)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Jun 16, 2003.

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    Wow i cant believe every person here is not on this stuff! i no i get terible recurrent viral, fungal etc etc infections all the time and KNOW its a huuuuge factor of the CFS FM, even the MCS. I think if the immune system can truly be boosted, alot of these things resolve. I went on diflucan a while back and it made a great difference to symptoms, improving pain and fatigue etc - almost felt normal. that was about a yr ago, but i tried it recently and it makes me sooo sick when i take it now. if i take one cap, i have to lay down in pain and terrible (worse) fatigue) for the whole next day with liver pain etc and can hardly eat anything. This LDN sounds amazing so far - wonder why we all arent on it?? i have seen that much about it on this board yet. Not sure if ill be able to get the low dose here in australia either. Anyone else?

    Thanks, Chris.
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    starting 1mg, upping to 3mg, 3mg gave me nightmares, so now I am on 2mg, still gives me weird dreams, but I'm sticking it out for a bit, as you say, it looks as if it may be good. (I have low CD3 CD4, CD8, NK and B-cells, I don't know if it does anything for anybody who doesn't have lymphocytopenia, though.)
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    it's low dose naltrexone, do a google search on naltrexone, there is a comprehensive 'low dose naltrexone' website.