LDN/low dose naltrexone and opioids...?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karynwolfe, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    I've noticed a lot of the talk concerning low dose naltrexone and its relation to opioid-based pain relievers refers to people who are on them long-term and use them for daily pain therapy.

    "Because LDN blocks opioid receptors throughout the body for three or four hours, people using medicine that is an opioid agonist, i.e. narcotic medication — such as Ultram (tramadol), morphine, Percocet, Duragesic patch or codeine-containing medication — should not take LDN until such medicine is completely out of one's system."

    But if LDN only blocks these receptors for only 3-4 hours, as the above mentions, why can't we take any opioid pain relievers during the day, especially if the pain relievers WOULD be out of your system by the time your nighttime LDN dose came around?

    If the half life of Vicodin is around 4 hours, and I only take half-a-tablet on the days where I have severe headaches, it seems to me that the medicine would be out of my system by the time it came to taking my LDN dose at night. Am I missing something?
  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    it didn't work for me.

    It block the opioid receptors in the brain, and renders the pain reliever ineffective.

    No real help in my CFS after 6 months.
  3. AuntTammie

    AuntTammie New Member

    your thinking makes sense to me on a theoretical level; however, personally I feel that the LDN somehow builds up in my body (& I have heard others say this, too)......so maybe it has something to do with that

    wish I had better answers bc I have been trying the LDN for well over a yr now.....wound up having to stop it for awhile and give my body a break (I think bc of the build up thing).....as it stands I only take it PRN - when pain and/or sleep have been really bad for awhile

    for me it does actually improve sleep when I time it rt, & it definitely helps with pain, but I can only handle 2.2 mg as needed....any more than that seems to be too much......and I sure would love the option of taking opioids as needed, too (I hate the way they make me feel & would rarely take them either, but there are some types of pain that do not seem to be touched by the LDN.....mostly the LDN helps tremendously with pain, but every so often I need something else)
  4. karynwolfe

    karynwolfe New Member

    I know taking no opioids with Naltrexone in its normal dose (50-ish mg, which blocks the opioid recepters allllll day) is a big no... As is trying to take opioids regularly/close together while on LDN... But I really didn't understand how they're supposed to interact, aside from those two scenerios. If these medications really work the way people claim, then an interaction, doing what I mentioned above, seems impossible...

    Except for those people whose bodies build up the drug. That's something I didn't consider and thank you for helping me remember that. Jam, you also mentioned that happening, in your earlier posts, didn't you?

    I'm sensitive to anything affecting my brain (which is why 1/2 a Vicodin can last me way longer than usual) and don't suspect I'll be able to even pass up the 1mg dosage, from what I've read in others. (I might should mention that I'm trying this for the possible help to my immune system, not for pain or anything else. I don't have Fibromyalgia.)

    This all makes much more sense, now! If the bodies worked normally then an interaction would be implausible... But if the body's metabolism DOESN'T work normally then things would last for longer than they should, and interactions could happen regardless.


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