LDN - whos on it? / 1st in aus?

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    Hi all! I have asked a few drs and many pharmacists here in Australia and none of them have heard of LDN - they only know about the ordinary Naltrexone treatment for drug or alchahol detox. So i discussed with the compounding pharmacist i talk to about LDN for immune boosting etc and he is getting the raw material and compunding me 1mg capsules. i might be the 1st person is aus to be trying it lol. My immune system is fairly out of whack and somewhat deficient apparently. I 'get things' really easily and am pretty sure i have low grade stealth viruses going on and definitely systemic candida. Hoping on this one! :) Im thinking start at 1mg and go up to 3 gradually if no side effects, this sound right? Who has had benefits on it so far? Also, has anyone with multiple chemical and drug sensitivities tried it? Ive got this bad. :/

    Thanks, Chris.
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    if you have multiple chemical sensitivities, you likely have slow liver detox phase one and fast liver detox phase two. If that is so (there's a Great Smokies liver detox test to find out), you'd benefit from drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice every day, or take some niacinamid (not niacin!), avoid all fried, broiled, or otherwise blackened food, take vitamin B12 and C, and if you don't have elevated plasma cysteine, and slow glutathione conjugation, you'd probably benefit from taking NAC.
    My chemical sensitivities have gone down considerably.