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  1. ghosalb

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    Hi, anybody using LDN (low dose Naltrexone) ? Appreciate comments. Thanks.
  2. hermitlady

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    There have been a couple of people here that have posted about using LDN, try a search.

    Also, FYI, you CANNOT take LDN if you are currently taking any narcotic pain meds...it will make you extremely sick!
  3. deepak

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    I am from india too :).

    I am currently on my second month of LDN. I started with 4.5 but then cut down and stopped for a while as I was getting extreme bloating and I read LDN can aggravate yeast infections - so i restarted my LDN only when I got my anti candida regimen in place.

    Currently I am taking 2 mg LDN at 10-11 pm at night. It definitely makes me feel better mentally - more alert, more energy. Painwise too I would say it is helping though I need to be on it a bit more and more regularly to be able to have a informed comment on that.

    Side effects are - it has a diuretic effect so it makes me pee more and it makes me stay up in the night a little more than I normally do.

    You must start slow- at maybe 1.5 mg and then build it up slowly as when I started it on higher doses, I got headaches and dizziness and also felt wired and weepy - at the same time.

  4. ghosalb

    ghosalb New Member

    next time, will search first
    Deepak , nice to hear from you. Thanks for detailed info.
    best wishes........Bala

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