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    Lea, nutritional I.V.'s, plus Antiviral I.V.'s. In my case, for Epstein Barr Virus, Mycoplasmas, Babesia (tick bite), and possibly Lyme Disease (test results aren't back yet).

    I'm receiving treatment at the Atlanta FFC. First, they build up the immune system with nutritional I.V.'s, plus supplements prior to treatment for the virsus/bacterial infections, etc. Normally, if a person has Lyme Disease, they will also have a host of co-infections as a result of the Lyme. It sure can get complicated...........but at least I now know why I was so sick. The FCC has run test that none of my doctors knew anyting about and probably wouldn't know how to interperet the results if they did have them run.... I'm very impressed with their knowledge and look forward to the day I will have a life of normalcy.

    Hope this answers your question regarding the I.V.'s.
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