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    Hi dear Leah, I so appreciate all the times you reach out to me!

    The excellent video I mentioned on the Bedbound/Homebound board is a favorite of mine. It is a conversation between two radiant men, Father Thomas Keating and Rabbi Schacter-Shalomi. They have been friends for about 25 years, and their talk is all about their love of God. They are funny, and wise and beautiful in their elderly qualities. They might be in their 80's.

    You are in my prayers everyday! Along with others in need here. (All of us!)

    I have a nun friend who prays for each member of PH - everyone on every board everyday. She has CFS also and can relate so well.

    Praying for your throat, and swallowing/eating needs!
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    Hi Judy and Leah,

    Just popping in to say hi to you both. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. Wanted to mention that I had all my tests this morning and now I WAIT !! That, as I am sure you both know is the worst part. I may know by Friday or Monday. I am guessing next week. The tech showed me, on the image, the teeny tiny little something in my teeny tiny breast she/they were going to try and find . Talk about a smooshed breast. It was very small to begin with.

    Please continue with your prayers. They are much appreciated. I will continue on with my list of those on the PH board, including you both.

    Need to run and post this on the porch or somewhere. Two daughters called today. That did make me feel good.

    More later and have a great weekend coming up. Hope your throat and eating/talking is a little better for you Leah.

    I have heard those 2 holy men speak before on the TV. They are so interesting, smart and funny.

    Granni :)